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How Navratri Can Destroy Sorrow, Diseases, And Negativity From Our Lives

Durga puja, one of the grandest festivals of India is going on and we can feel the festive vibes everywhere. The annual celebration of Goddess Durga...
whatsapp fake news tool new feature

WhatsApp Launches Amazing Feature, Fake News Will Be Caught In The Pinch

WhatsApp is continuously working on fake news on its platform. To prevent fake news, WhatsApp first limited forwarding, then began to label it, ie if a...
sushant singh rajput death case is handed to cbi for investigation

Center Accepts Bihar Government’s Recommendation For CBI Probe In Sushant Case

In a major development in the case related to the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, on Wednesday, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta informed the Supreme Court...
donald trump will ban tik tok in US

America’s ‘Digital Strike’ On China, Trump Said – Tik-Tok Will Ban In 24 Hours

US President Donald Trump has been very angry with China since Corona. Donald Trump has targeted China despite being confronted by the media many times and...
Pm Nadrendra Modi Performin Ram Temple Bhoomipoojan

History Created In Ayodhya, PM Modi Laid The Foundation Stone Of Ram Temple

In Ayodhya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed Bhoomipujan of Ram Janmabhoomi (Birth Place) temple today. The moments that had been waiting for almost 500 years, that...

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student taking call on video conference

How To Video Conference Meeting: Pro Tips To Master

The corona pandemic has pushed businesses and educational institutes to use videoconferencing tools as a medium to conduct meetings and classes. This sudden urge, however, has raised a question for many on how to master video conferencing meetings or how to video conference call? It doesn't matter whether you are an organizer or a participant, there...
how to install apk files on android devices

How To Install Apk Files On Android Devices: Installing Third-Party Apps

How to install APK files on Android phone? What are APK files and why there is a need to download such files? If you possess an Android phone you've probably heard about an APK file and perhaps thought of what it even is. Downloading and Installing APK files on Android devices is as simple as tapping...

How To Fix Laptop: Troubleshoot Boot Problems

Are you experiencing boot problems with your laptop? It may be very expensive to consult a PC expert each time you experience issues with your PC/Laptop. Figuring out how to fix Laptop that won't turn on, is a decent method to save bucks in your pocket. It's not too hard to figure out how to fix...

How To Send Link From Chrome To Android Smartphone

How To Send A Link From Chrome To Android Smartphone? On occasions when you surf the web, you run over intriguing articles or links that you want to impart to your loved ones. To do this, you can go as primitive as emailing yourself the link or open the web version of a texting application like...

How To Use Mail App In Windows 10

Surprisingly, but a fact that Windows 10 includes its own e-mail client. There are multiple reasons to consider the use of desktop apps for sending and receiving e-mails, just like we use our smartphones and make communication very simple. The mail app in windows 10 easily handles webmail services like Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo. It...

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How To Find The Right Business To Start

Do you want to start your own business? Start-up is always a big challenge for anyone....

How To Increase Sales Using Google My Business

Are you frustrated watching other local businesses, contenders, and every other person getting clients to their...



Education & Communication

How To Preview Image Before Uploading Using JQuery

HTML accompanies different kinds of inputs like text, password, email, and so forth and all of...

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how to make career in computer science engineering

How To Make Career In Computer Science Engineering

Want to know how to make career in computer science engineering? In today's time, no work in the office is complete without a computer. In such a situation, the demand for computer engineers has increased a...

How To Start Career In Photography

The thing that the digital era has increased the most is Photography. Nowadays, everyone has become a photographer with the help of expensive gadgets. Despite this, the demand for professional photographers has not decreased. If you...
how to write content as a beginner freelancer

How To Become Successful Freelance Writer: Beginner To Pro

How to become a successful freelance writer? No matter how education is spreading its wings in different zones, writing content is a dream job for many people. Newspaper content or writing article online is one of...

How To Appear In A Job Interview: 10 Tips To Ace Interview

Are you waiting for the interview call of a dream job in your life, and don't know How to Appear in a Job Interview? In today's time, it is more important to be pre-prepared for a...

How To Deal With Unemployment: Easy Survival Tips

How to Deal with Unemployment? In today’s time, joblessness seems to be a serious issue in the world. And is one of the main concerns faced by educated people. The loss of a job can be...

Affiliate Marketing: How to earn with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the strongest way to earn online. All you need to Know what is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is the marketing of a product...


Pininfarina Launches World’s Fastest Electric E-Car: Officially Named as Battista

Pininfarina, the Italian design company, has been taking a shot at its own creation vehicle for...

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How To Play Guitar: A Quick Guide For Beginners

Would you like to figure out How to Play Guitar? In the event that you are simply starting to learn guitar...

How To Organize A Surprise Birthday Party

Are you looking for the best ways on how to organize a surprise birthday party? Then you are in the right...

How To Make The Most Out Of Summers

What strikes your mind when you think of summers? Is it sun, unbearable heat, sweat? Is the summer that bad? Well,...
kesari poster

Story Of Kesari Movie: The Battle of Saragarhi

The latest film Kesari starring Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra have been allegedly leaked just a day after its release. Many...

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