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5 Celebrities Of Hollywood Who Struggled With Bipolar Disorder – News

Entertainment Celebrities 5 Celebrities Of Hollywood Who Struggled With Bipolar Disorder

5 Celebrities Of Hollywood Who Struggled With Bipolar Disorder

Whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood, there has been a lot of discussion in the last few years about mental health. Now celebrities have started speaking openly on depression. But still accepting the rest of mental health problems in public prevents celebrities. However, there are some names in this article who spoke openly about their shortcomings and problems. Whether it’s rapper Kanye West or singer Demi Lovato or Mariah Carey. They said- Yes, they have a bipolar disorder.

List Of Celebrities Who Talked About Bipolar Disorder

1. Kanye West (Rapper & Musician)

Rapper and musician Kanye West has a name in the world of music. The Grammy Award winner owns property worth billions of rupees. He has crores of fans. Kanye confesses that he is a patient with a bipolar disorder. Not only he but his wife Kim Kardashian appealed to the fans through social media for ‘compassion and sympathy’. In her open letter, Kim explained that she felt the need to comment due to misconceptions about mental health.

She added, “Those who do not know or are far from it, who can be judgmental about it and cannot understand to what extent a person needs help in this.” In his 2018 release album ‘YE’, Kanye has described this disorder as his superpower.

2. Mariah Carey (Singer & Song Writer)

Pop sensation Mariah Carey too confessed that she was a bipole. In a conversation with People magazine, Mariah revealed that she first came to know about this disorder in 2001 and was then hospitalized. She is reportedly in the stage of Living Bipolar II, which includes depression as well as hypomania.

The singer told that even at a time when this disorder could not be denied and there was a dire need of treatment. They had to remove the stigma associated with this disorder. She says, “I hope we can reach a place where it will not be considered a stigma.” It does not need to be defined and I do not allow anyone to define or control me by adding it.’

3. David Harbour (Actor)

David Harbor is not only a big name in the TV industry, but has also achieved great success on the big screen as ‘Hell Boy’ and now in ‘Black Widow’ as ‘Red Guardian’. But, do you know that there was a time when David struggled with his mental health. He even had to spend some time in a mental asylum.

In 2018, David revealed that he had a bipolar disorder at the age of 25. He told during a podcast, ‘I have been given medicines to treat Bipolar for a long time. I am having trouble walking. I also have a conflict with medicines. Sometimes you have to take medicines, sometimes you have to stop.

4. Catherine Zeta Jones (Actress)

Actress Catherine Zeta Jones was also at the stage of the Bipolar Disorder II when she revealed it. This was the time when her husband Michael Douglas was undergoing treatment for throat cancer. Describing her experience of ‘freedom’ as her diagnosis, Catherine said in an interview to ‘Good Housekeeping’, ‘This is a problem I was facing. Finding that it is actually called something was the best thing in my life.

5. Demi Lovato (Singer)

Singer Demi Lovato is one of the celebrities who first talked about bipolar disorder. Demi even said that she is proof that it is possible to live a good life even with such a disorder. Demi first revealed her struggle about mental health, addiction and eating disorder. She went through these struggles and moved towards a better life due to the support of her family. She recently announced that she is going to marry boyfriend Max Eric.