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5 Factors you should know before buying an AC


It’s March 2019 and we are already facing the heat in India. This is the month when people set themselves to purchase ACs and looks for the best ones out there. But many don’t know which AC is best according to their use. Here are a few points you should know before buying AC for your home and compare split AC vs window AC.

The Capacity of AC


Air conditioning capacity depends upon the extent of the room you are going to fit it in. If the room is around 100-120 sqft, 1 Ton limit AC should work fine. In the case that it’s more, you can go for a 1.5 Ton or a 2Ton AC.

Split AC VS Window AC


Buying a window AC or split AC? This is the question which comes in mind while planning to buy an Air Conditioner. From an energy efficiency perspective, both can be equally efficient. The efficiency of an AC depends upon the EER value of the AC. EER is Energy Efficiency Ratio which represents the amount of cooling it can provide by consuming 1 watt of electricity. Bureau of Energy Efficiency Ratio is an agency which rates an AC out of 5 stars, it means 5 stars rated AC will cool more by using 1 watt of electricity than lower rated ACs. But window AC is always cheaper than Split AC no matter what the rating is.

Usage Pattern

You should always consider your usage pattern before reaching any decision. Buying 5 stars rated AC could be costlier than lower rated ACs. So if your budget is medium and your usage is around 6-8 hours a day than you 3 stars rated Window AC is a good and affordable option for you.

Inverter AC VS Non-Inverter AC

Inverter AC works like an accelerator. When the compressor needs more power it gives more power and when the compressor needs less power it gives less power. It is the basic idea behind working of Inverter ACs. It reduces power consumption because the amount of energy required depends upon the temperature of the incoming air and level of the thermostat.


Every AC is designed to run on peak load. So a 1.5 ton AC  for a certain size of the room and 2 ton AC is designed for some different size of the room. A regular(non-inverter) AC always runs on peak power capacity when the compressor is running. An inverter AC runs continuously but draws only the required amount of power which results in less electricity consumption.

So buying an Inverter AC will be a wise decision.

0.75 ton 1 ton 1.5 ton 2 ton
1 star AC(mostly non-Inverter) 627 843 1246 1648
2 star AC(mostly non Inverter) 596 800 1184 1626
3 star AC(mix of Inverter and non-Inverter) 542 747 1104 1448
4 star(mostly Inverter) 464 645 945 1293
5 star(mostly Inverter) 450 554 840 1113
Annual Electricity Consumption(units or KWh for 1600hrs) data collected from BEE

Chosing Best Location in the Room for Placing AC

Installation of the AC unit at a proper place is very crucial as it results in the efficient working of the AC unit.

Here are the few tips for deciding the position of an AC in a room:

1. Locate the AC unit inside the room away from the heat sources

2. Locate the AC unit where there is no interruption in airflow from the AC unit.


3. Locate the AC unit at proper height as it does not block the passageway. Perfect height for placing the AC is 7 feet.


4. Place the AC unit according to the furniture arrangement.

Filters in AC

There are several filters that are fitted in AC units such as a bacterial filter that removes bacteria in the air, electrostatic filters and odor removal filters. Filters are also a necessary component of an AC as it removes unwanted particles from the air and makes it pure. Addition of each filter cause to increase in the price of AC unit.

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