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Actress Dia Mirza Tweets In Support of Jaya Bachchan, Saying Her Right – News

The Bollywood actress and Rajya Sabha MP from Samajwadi Party Jaya Bachchan responded strongly in Parliament regarding the drug connection in the film industry. She took on BJP MP from Gorakhpur Ravi Kishan (Ravi Kishan) and Kangana Ranaut in Rajya Sabha. Let us tell you, after the statement of Ravi Kishan in Lok Sabha, Jaya Bachchan made her point on Tuesday (15th September 2020).

Without naming anyone, she further said that some people associated with Bollywood should not pierce the plate that fills their stomach. Many Bollywood Actors & Actresses are also very supportive and have tweeted in favor of her Speech.

Supporting Jaya Bachchan’s Speech, actress Diya Mirza recently tweeted that, “Jaya Ji you are absolutely right. Thank you for talking to our industry. We are always committed to contributing to social well-being and change. The industry has always helped governments. The behavior of our film industry is abusive.”

A lot of people are now commenting on this tweet of Dia Mirza and are giving their Feedbacks.

He further adds that ‘Nobody gave me a plate, nor is anyone my godfather, nor did anyone help me. I got nothing even after everything was trending. Later, he started a closed Bhojpuri industry and gave himself a break. Today there are more than one lakh people employed in the Bhojpuri industry. As much right as Jaya Ji has over the film industry, so is mine.

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