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Air India Flights To Dubai Suspended Till 2nd October – News

Dubai Airports has suspended all services of Air India in its country till 2 October. The Dubai administration has taken this decision after a Corona-infected passenger boarding the plane. A statement from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) has given this information. The statement said that all the airlines of Air India have been suspended for the next 15 days i.e. 2 October after a corona positive passenger was found boarding a flight from Jaipur to Dubai.

air india express flights tweet

According to UAE government regulations, every passenger traveling from India is required to bring the original corona-negative certificate from the RT-PCR test 96 hours prior to travel. Officials said that a passenger, who had a COVID positive certificate, traveled on Air India Express’ Jaipur-Dubai flight on 4 September. A similar incident occurred earlier with a passenger on one of the airline’s other flights to Dubai.

Officials said that, therefore, the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has suspended Air India Express flights from 18 September to 2 October. Officials said that both incidents of passengers flying from India to Dubai with COVID positive certificates occurred during the last few weeks during Air India Express flights.

Passengers Will Be Able To Catch Domestic Flights After The Corona Test

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has clarified that passengers coming from abroad will be allowed to catch domestic connecting flights only if they are negative after the corona check at the entry port.

As per the order issued by the ministry, all passengers coming from abroad have to undergo an RT-PCR test before catching a connecting flight. They will be able to catch domestic connecting flights to their city only if they test negative. The corona investigation report will take about seven hours to arrive. During this time they will have to spend time in the lounge of the entry port.

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