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Birthday Special: Prime Minister Modi, The Policy Maker Of United India – News

Today is the birthday of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The manner in which he has emerged as an influential figure in Indian politics, there is no other example in independent India because the way he changed the condition and direction of politics is a unique example in itself.

PM Modi achieved unprecedented success in highlighting the aspect of national politics which is called public welfare policy in a democracy. But even above this, he introduced the nationalism in the new attitude which some liberal thinkers have been trying to keep within a very narrow range.

By presenting nationalism in a public-oriented perspective, Modi not only changed the stream of politics but also modified its regulators in such a way that the entire socio-economic structure of this country governed by Gandhism can live up to the national standards that are reflected in cultural participation.

In fact, some scholars forget to call it Hindutva but it is the basic element of Indianness, which forms the ‘compound’ of this country and guarantees the existence of India. This existence is the source of Modi’s political skills, due to which he succeeded in introducing nationalism in a new category and got the support of the general public. It is awe-inspiring how his political discourse encapsulated the issues of the general public, which used to haunt people before him.

prime minister narendra modi united india

Among them was the issue of the identity of the most prominent India. The issue was about its national identity above its cultural identity. For some scholars, this identification was the sense of secularism of India that we could talk about. Modi implemented it in a practical way so that every citizen’s right to equal rights enshrined in the constitution can be embodied and followers of any religion cannot fail to be a ‘special benefit class’.

For this reason, the scale of the economic base was started in all types of social welfare projects initiated by him. Although AC schemes were there earlier, the type of amendments made in their structure only follows the principle of genuine secularism.

In politics, this experiment was done after observing the circumstances of India and ensured that the followers of every religion were treated equally and while doing so, the identity of India was given importance. After independence, the intense currents of Gandhism, Communism, Socialism, and Nationalism continued to play central positions in politics in principle.

Modi amended it to link nationalism with democracy and made the voice of those sections of society who were seen through the prism of rich-poverty by dividing them into caste circles. His nationalism provided such an integrated platform to all backward and poor castes and various sections of rural oriented society through which his voice could unify and reach the ladder of power.

modi ji 70th birthday

This is the reason why Modi’s magic hit the head of common people and in one voice, the voice of crores of people who had been seeking their effective participation in power for the last seventy years. Leadership ability in a democracy is called the one in which the public feels their voice in the voice of the leader.

These qualities were able to come to Modi Ji because his political life was devoted to the principles in which a child who grew up playing in the dusty streets of the village, while looking young, could look at those Attalikas and think that they were built by them, whose life has gone through adversity. This vision of Narendra Modi makes him a popular leader and due to harsh criticisms in democracy, his ability makes him a successful politician, in which he builds new ones with the stones of harsh criticism thrown at him.

In this context, if we analyze the speeches given by Red Fort on Independence Day, we will find that their goal has been to change the life of the poor man in such a way that he can feel self-sufficient in the changing times. Every Indian wish on his birthday, because this son of Bharat Mata wants to do something that India can touch the heights that Swami Vivekananda had once imagined. The Modi government set the framework for the development of India. That is, he has to maintain his unique identity with the world in the 21st century.

From this point of view, if we analyze the policies of the Modi government, then from the national to the international arena, we see the persistence which was lacking in the previous governments. The first illustration of this is about the change in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

After Independence, the manner in which this state was considered to be attached to a constitutional Article 370 with the Indian Union was amended in such a way that this state, like other states of India, was absorbed in the concord power of the Indian Union. This work was done through Parliament only in compliance with constitutional provisions.

prime minister 70th birthday greetings

In this, Home Minister Amit Shah, keeping in mind the wishes of his Prime Minister, followed the parliamentary customs – policies in such a way that the sentiments of the Constitution makers of India could also be respected. The reality is that the Constitution Creator Baba Saheb Ambedkar opposed the addition of Article 370 to the Constitution. This task was never easy, given the concept of Kashmir established since India’s independence and its global echoes were natural to be generated.

Therefore, the manner in which Modi did the work of balancing the Kashmir counterpart in India’s foreign policy through External Affairs Minister Jai Shankar established India’s reputation as a strong democratic nation in the future. The way he did rejuvenation shows his overall vision because the condition of these states of the country was also unknown before in New Delhi.

The way BJP has started winning elections in the north-eastern states can only be gauged by how wide Modi’s nationalist plank has become. Another fact that needs to be known about Modi is that he does not leave any work incomplete. By choosing Ajit Doval as National Security Advisor, he did innovative experiments on foreign and internal security fronts and assured the countrymen that India’s national interests would be protected at all costs.

Whether India has relations with America or Russia, India will identify its friends only on its own terms. If we turn more, then we will find that India’s relations with European countries like Germany to France and Britain have further intensified and has succeeded in proving India’s usefulness to the world. This is the change that Indians were expecting. Choosing the right person for the right thing can be called the unique quality of Modi. Due to this policy, India is getting its talent in world politics today.


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