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Blue Moon 2020: Blue Moon Will Be Seen Tomorrow, After 19 Years – News

After the year 2001, there will be a sight of a rare ‘Blue Moon’ in the sky on the night of 31 October. Just to inform you, when the full moon falls twice in the same month, the second moon is called ‘Blue Moon’. NASA says that it occurs every 19 years at Halloween. It just commonly named Blue Moon, but in reality, this moon is not so blue. However, this full moon will be enough to create an atmosphere of fear on Halloween.

According to NASA, the next time after 2020, ‘Blue Moon’ will appear on Halloween in the year 2039. Just to inform you that, Halloween is a kind of ghostly festival, which is celebrated by the people of Western countries on the night of 31 October, on this night all the people dress up in ghostly attire. Gradually it is being celebrated in India as well.

NASA has explained in its blog that the Blue Moon appears every two and a half years. After 2020, the Blue Moon will appear in August 2023, May 2026, and December 2028. At the same time, every 19 years, this Blue Moon appears on Halloween night, it is known as the Metonic cycle. The Blue Moon comes after the October Harvest Moon. Theoretically, it marks the beginning of winter.

According to FarmersAlmanac, the last time the Halloween Blue Moon appeared in 2001 was only seen in the Central and Pacific time zones. However, the upcoming moon can be seen in all time zones, which is quite rare. Reports state that the last Halloween full blue moon was seen in all time zones in 1944.

What Is A Blue Moon?

The most common definition of the Blue Moon is that when two full moons fall in a month, the second full moon is called Blue Moon. However, another definition states that when there are four full moons in a season, the third moon is called the blue moon.

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