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Career Options after graduation with Engineering and other Streams


In the third and fourth year of engineering course, students begin getting stressed over what to do after finishing graduation. There are many opportunities you can grab after completion of the course. All you need is to get some information in regards to these occupations and invest some energy in learning the expertise required in these employments. Having clear about what you need to do in your life can help you in landing fruitful profession. You just need to explore what you want to do after completing B.tech, B.sc, BBA or any other course. You should be clear about what you want to do next and what are the career options after B-tech.

There are some career opportunities after graduation which we have listed below.


The majority of the engineering graduate choose for a job after graduation. But many students remain unplaced and jobless even after trying hard. As we all know job opportunities after engineering is not too good due to lack of skills and overpopulated group engineers.


According to a survey held in 2018, “More than 90% of graduates in India are not employable”

This is really a very bad stat if we talk about employment.

If you are an engineering student then first you should try to get placed in the campus as many companies visit colleges to hire students for various fields of work.

If you could not be placed in campus then you can try off-campus as well but it is definitely going to be harder than on-campus placement.

Still not worry if you failed to get placed either on-campus or off-campus as there are lot more opportunities waiting for you.



This is the best alternative for you when you have any business idea and you have sufficient cash to put resources into your business. Business enterprise is the newest thing everybody is doing and you ought to likewise do it as well. But do not get carried away by the hope of becoming popular and rich in very less time. It might happen or not because establishing a business is not that easy as it requires a lot of hard work, a unique idea, 100% effort and an also a great vision. I have seen many students deliberately not chosen a job as a career and drop out of college for entrepreneurship.


Higher Studies

If you couldn’t get a good job after college, at that point you can generally go for advanced education and increment your skills of employment.

As it is most often observed that not many individuals are keen on advanced education as putting resources into advanced education yield long term benefits.

Numerous colleges direct their very own entrance test however the most well-known test for MTech admission is Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) examination.


Many students go for an M.S. degree from a foreign university. To do M.S. you should clear TOEFL/IELTS (English capability tests) and GRE to get a scholarship. Nowadays many foreign university offering affordable graduation and post graduation courses and also many banks are available for providing the loan to the students.

Apart from opting M.tech or M.S degree, many students opt for an MBA degree after the finish of their engineering course. An MBA qualification subsequent to engineering is considered a rewarding career as far as salary is concerned. Even engineers with great skills get exhausted in a couple of years because of doing the same stuff for a long time. At that stage, they might be stuck in their growth. An MBA degree with an engineering degree is very useful for changing the field of work and also management field gives a more promising career and growth with less time and efforts.

PSUs & Other Engineering jobs


Getting a job in PSU’s is most popular among engineering students. The obstacle is that most PSU’s consider GATE score card in recruitment. If you are eager to get into PSU’s, you have to qualify GATE test. PSU’s offer rewarding Perks, the workload is less and it also offer various different advantages to their employees.

Apart from GATE examination some PSU also conducts their own examination for recruiting engineers such as ISRO, DRDO, BEl etc.


Other than PSU you can also try for other engineering govt. Jobs like Indian Engineering Service, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Navy etc.

Civil Services & Other Govt. Jobs

Civil services are considered as the most rewarding occupations in India. The respect and prestige which comes with services such as IAS, IPS are unmatched to anything in the private sector.

Although it is very difficult to get into the Civil Services due to intense competition and high cut-off one who gets into this enjoys the lifestyle of this job.


Other than civil services there are many govt. Job opportunities like SSC, Defence Services(army, air force, and navy), banking sectors, railways and many more.

There is a lot of career opportunities after B.tech and other graduation courses all you need is to find your kind of job and start working to achieve that. One thing you must always remember is that the most important thing to be successful in life is to Never Give Up and Keep Trying.

Best of luck for your future from howto-solution.

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