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Citroen Launched Cheapest Electric Car Ami: Goes 70km In Single Charge – News

Keeping the prices of expensive electric cars in mind, automakers in the world are insisting on making cheap electric cars. Keeping this in mind, the French automobile company Citroen has launched a fully electric car, Ami. It can revolutionize the world of electric cars. The Citroen Ami is a small city car and is categorized as a light quadricycle. This car can be run by 14-year-old children in France and 16-year-old children in the rest of Europe without a license. This car does not run very fast and is quite attractive in appearance.

It has been specially prepared by keeping the youth in mind. In France, the base model of this car costs around 6,000 euros (about 5.22 lakh rupees). The company claims that they have already received about 1000 orders for the car.

Let’s Know Its Specialty

This quadricycle offers a 5.5 kWh battery pack and a 6 kW motor. On full charging, this car can cover a distance of 70 km. Its top speed is 45 kilometers per hour. Its battery pack is like an electric two-wheeler. Citroen says that this electric car can be fully charged in 3 hours via a standard European 220-volt socket.

Its most special thing is that Citroen Ami can be driven by 14-year-old children in France and up to 16 years in other European countries as per European rules. Actually, this is the production version of the Ami One concept which was introduced by the company at the Geneva Motor Show. The company has launched this car under a special subscription plan. For this, only $ 22 (Rs 1,500) will have to be paid as an installment every month.

Not only this, but this car will also be available on rent, for this you will have to pay 0.26 Euros (about 20 rupees). This car has been specially designed for the city.

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