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Class 12 Maths Paper 2019 of CBSE Board- Complete Analysis and Review: A mix response from students


Class 12th Maths board examination was conducted on 18th March 2019 by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). A mixed response is coming from various 12th Science/Commerce students of CBSE from different regions about its difficulty level.

Difficulty Level of CBSE Maths Paper 2019: A Mixed response from different students from various regions

According to news from New Delhi region this year Maths paper was very easy. Most of the questions were directly from the NCERT textbook and was not complicated. For some, today’s exam was simple and scoring but after deep analysis it can be easily concluded that a few questions in the paper require high level of thinking skill to solve.


The CBSE class 12 students in Lucknow said that Maths paper was not difficult, however a bit lengthy as well as of moderate difficulty level, particularly set-1. Question no. 24 of section ‘D’ was quite confusing for various students and many students are complaining that it is not easy to understand that either it is a question from Application of Derivative(A.O.D.) or from Application of integrals(A.O.I.).

Many students said that question number 20 of Set-1 is quite tough in which the students were asked to derive a formula of Definite Integration. Such type of questions was never asked before 2019 board papers according to them.

A student who has appeared for JEE Main 2019 in January pointed out that some of the questions in CBSE 12th paper reminded him of the difficulty level of questions from JEE Main 2019. Some of the students said that they left a 10 mark paper. A senior teacher of Lucknow Public School, South City said that due weight-age is given to NCERT questions.

From Bhopal, a student of Sagar Public School said that he found a question from ‘Maxima and Minima’ a bit tricky but the overall paper was so easy. A student of New Delhi region said that he was not able to finish the paper on time. Not because it was tough, he found it a bit lengthy. According to him, he concentrated more on section C & D, which consumed most of the time. So he couldn’t attempt some section B questions.


Experts and teachers who looked over the question paper concluded that the question paper was tricky and not of the level of a ‘normal/average student’. “Ideally a board examination question paper has around 20 to 30 marks worth of simple and basic questions, another 30 to 35 marks of modestly intense and around 15 marks which tests the skill of the students. This paper was more on moderate to troublesome dimension,” Shreya (name changed), an educator with 17 years of experience noted.

Another expert concurred after analysis that average score in this year’s Maths paper is reduced to about 10 to 15 marks. The reports are still awaited for different regions. Concerning the difficulty level of the distinctive sets, the specialists brought up that the questions were a greater amount of less same. With respect to the provincial distinction, the reports are as yet anticipated. A year ago as well, the CBSE Maths Board Exam question paper had around 15 marks worth of dubious questions.

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