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Coolest Airport Terminals Around the Globe


For the most part, when traveling, flyers attempt to hurry through airport terminals as fast as conceivable with an end goal to reach their destinations, the spots where they truly need to invest some energy. This is particularly valid for vacationers who simply need to make tracks in an opposite direction from everything.

In any case, consider the possibility that you’ve been missing a standout amongst the best stops en route. Imagine a scenario in which the air terminal itself has amenities that should make it one of your all the more intriguing destinations. There are some truly coolest airport terminals around the globe, offering evidence that traveling is truly about the adventure, not simply the destination.

From excellent design & architecture around to animals roaming to marginally terrifying runways, a few air terminals even have galleries/museums, pools, and gardens. So In case, you’re searching for a captivating spot to invest some free energy, each of the airport terminals recorded underneath might possess all the necessary qualities.

Dubai International Airport

Pampering is a priority at Dubai International in the United Arab Emirates, the self-described world’s busiest airport. The Airport is great for those tech-savvy travelers. Also known for the fast Internet and speedy check-ins. It has won awards for providing the fastest Wi-Fi in the world with speeds up to 39.50 Mbps. Secondly, its smart gates allow passengers to skip the usually lengthy queues and simply walk through, immensely speeding up the check-in process.

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While at the airport you can take laps in a swimming pool; unwinding the jacuzzi, sauna, or steam room; and even take a free shower between flights if you’re feeling less than pristine. Plus, the airport has multiple spa facilities if you’re looking for a massage, pedicure, or manicure. For those wanting a little bit of entertainment, the airport’s partnership with ICFlix means travelers can stream unlimited movies and TV shows for free.

As for food, there are some great offerings. You can eat at Wolfgang Puck’s The Kitchen, one of the only two Pret a Mangers in the nation, some local restaurants, or a Heineken lounge.

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