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Holi Safety Tips: How To Play Safe & Healthy Holi in 2019


The Holi is the festival of colors which brings bliss and mirth. In any case, in the meantime, our well-being, safety, and health are risked all the while. Here are a couple of safety tips for Holi that will guarantee that the current year’s Holi isn’t just joyful yet in addition safe!

Before starting further let just have a brief look about “Holi” Festival…

Holi Festival


Holi is considered as a standout amongst the most adored and praised festivals of India and it is celebrated in pretty much all corners of the nation. It is likewise in some cases called as the “Festival of love” as on this day individuals get the opportunity to come together forgetting all the feelings of hatred and a wide range of bad resentments towards one another.

The great Indian celebration goes on for a day and night, which begins at night of Purnima or the Full Moon Day in the Falgun month. It is praised with the name Holika Dahan or Choti Holi on the first night of the festival and the next day people actually celebrate Holi. In different corners of the nation, it is known with different names.


The excitement of colors is something that acquires a great positivity in our lives and Holi is the celebration of colors which is worth cheering. Holi is a renowned Hindu festival that is celebrated all over across India with most extreme bliss and eagerness. The ceremonial begins by lightning the blaze one day before the day of Holi and this procedure symbolizes the triumph of good over the awful. Upon the arrival of Holi individuals play with colors with their loved ones and at night they show love and respect to their companions and closed ones with Abeer.

Here are a few Do’s and Dont’s to make your Holi safe and joyous:

1. Play safe. Try not to get excessively uproarious and don’t give others a chance to be impolite on you.

2. The best choice is to play with normal custom/homemade colors.

3. Your skin and hair will feel tampered with the utilization of skin-accommodating natural items.

4. On the off chance that you don’t have regular colors, at that point ensure a superior quality of colors. It is highly recommended to purchase colors from a known & reputed shop or seller.

5. Utilize more of red or pink colors which looks great and can without much of stress be taken off. Pretentious purple, green, yellow, orange have not so good chemicals in them and recommended to be kept away from.

6. Ensure that your face is greased with lotions or oils before the play.

7. Make utilization of cap or tops to shield your hair from being shaded with difficult to-wash colors.

8. Ensure that the color powder or some other such stuff does not get inside your eyes. Eyes are incredibly vulnerable to Holi because of their vital spot in the body and furthermore due to the utilization of destructive chemicals in colors nowadays. If you don’t mind guarantee that your eyes stay protected consistently. Utilize a sunglass to shield your eyes from a fizzle of color water jets.

9. Apply a thick covering of paint on your nails-both in fingers and toes with the goal that they stay ensured.

10. Oil your hair well, with the goal that color shading doesn’t stick on your hair and can be washed off effectively later.

11. Make use of dental caps to spare your teeth from any undesirable stains.

12. When traveling, make sure to keep the vehicle windows completely shut, regardless of whether you don’t have an air conditioner vehicle. Try not to catch the furious gathering of the crowd in the event that you take to lanes. Better you cross the way to the sidewalk across. Or simply, maintain a safe spot.

13. Try not to utilize permanent colors. In the event that somebody has applied it on you, don’t rub the face with soaps so as to get rid off, particularly when it is wet. Rather, utilize great quality cleansing milk for expulsion. It’s a better option than soap, which will evaporate your skin.

14. Make sure to spare yourself off from every single imaginable attack on the face. On the off chance that your such endeavors fail, keep your eyes and lips firmly shut in the event that you are attacked all over.

15. Avoid going out of your home, especially at peak hours. The premises of your home guarantee that you are sheltered from jumping hoodlums, even companions who can be somewhat unpleasant on the day.

16. Take a bath later after the whole Holi festivity is finished. Cleaning up the body(bathing), washing the face over and over, might ruin your skin. You will likewise lose hair too, for using an excessive amount of cleanser/shampoo, as they have a drying impact.

17. If you are inclined to skin sensitivities/allergies, abstain from playing with ‘Gulal’. As heading off to a dermatologist fills no need after the harm is done.

18. Abstain from running or jumping on wet floors, so as you don’t get slipped and harm yourself. Bones are particularly defenseless on this day.

19. Maintain a strategic distance from overindulgence in bhang, drinks or any such stuff… with the goal that you don’t have to repent later.

20. Avoid Driving at the point when you have drunk a lot.

21. Keep in mind you additionally have police on your side and if any untoward revelers act mischievously, you can make your protest.

Advanced Safety Tips:

– In the event that you are somebody who has a delicate scalp or hair, use oil and tie a handkerchief or alike cloth piece over your head.

– This year play Holi with individuals you know and love. Regardless of whether you are heading off to an occasion, remain inside the premises of the festival grounds and in the company of friends and family. Individuals are regularly in an intoxicated state amid the celebration because of indulgence in Bhang/Thandai. In the meantime, don’t eat or drink whatever is offered to you and avoid other individual’s beverages. As individuals regularly play tricks around the celebration.

– Carry chili powder and pepper sprays in the event that you are traveling alone, particularly young ladies. It is essential to keep the people you know educated about your whereabouts. Call the police, if required.


Last but not least, it is recommended to be alert and protect yourself the best way you can, as all in all self-care is the first priority. Do not harm others. Share this info to others to keep them updated about the safety measures.

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