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How History Books differ in India and Pakistan

Indian history and pakistan history

There have been many things since the Partition of Indo-Pak, one of which is the history of separation in the books of the two countries. History of the two countries has different descriptions of history, whereas, before partition, the two countries were one.

In this case, the history taught in both countries should have been the same. But, it is not so. The common Indian believes that partition was due to Mohammad Ali Jinnah. At the same time, generally, this perception in the Pakistanis has been made against Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Partition of the British Indian Government (1947)

In the fourth grade of Panchtab Text Book Board in Lahore, the book of Urdu states that after achieving their independence, they (Muslim society) wanted to create a government that was fully on the law and order of Islam. But they also knew that there is an abundance of Hindus in India. They will not be able to establish Islamic law after the British left.

He believed that Hindus would build laws related to their society here and in this society Muslims have already been seen as untouchables. They feared that after the slavery of British rule, they would become slaves of Hindus. Muslims wanted full independence and wanted a country where Allah’s and Islam’s law went on.

Indian history and pakistan history Indian-history-book

At the same time, the NCERT book of Class X has written: In the beginning, there was no demand for a separate country in Muslim society. Even Mohammed Ali Jinnah did not think seriously about partition. He proposed this bargain to attract the attention of British officials to Muslim society.

Civil Disobedience Movement (1930-34)


Mahatma Gandhi stirred up the movement to boycott the laws made by the British government. Under this movement, a wave broke out against British imperialism. The history and movement in Indian history books are explained in detail. But there is no discussion about this movement in Pakistan’s textbooks.

Riot of 1947

In the 12th class book of Pakistan, it is written – The people of Pakistan were helping those people who were leaving the Pakistani area. While those who were going from India to Pakistan, they were being tortured. The buses were set on fire. They were being robbed.

The NCERT book of Class 12 says that the divisions of the area were done. What went on for 16 months was not less than the civil war. A large part of the population of both countries considered each other as their enemy and had been killed.

Opinion on the Indo-Pak war of 1971

In the fifth textbook of NWFP of Peshawar, it says that after the war in 1965, India came forward to help Hindus living in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and started provoking people. Eventually, in December 1971, India took East Pakistan into its jurisdiction. The result was that East Pakistan got separated from us (Pakistan).

In the 12th class of Indian Political Science of NCERT, it has been written: In East Pakistan, the Bengalis were being forced to live in a very low status. When Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested by the Pakistani army, then since then, the slogan of Liberty Bangladesh started to grow there. After this 80 thousand people took shelter in India, as a matter of ethics, India had to intervene in the matter.

Indo pak war 1971

Kashmir issue remains intact today


In Indian textbooks, it has been written that in 1947 some extremists had attacked Kashmir. At that time, King Hari Singh, ruler of Kashmir, sought help from the Indian government. After signing some documents, the Indian government sent the army to help him.

But in Pakistani textbooks, it has been written that Raja Hari Singh was torturing the Kashmiri Muslims under his rule. Those who wanted to go with Pakistan were being kept forcibly with India. This is an issue after the partition of India, which has not been solved to date.

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