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How To Become A Good Teacher


A good teacher is someone who helps students to learn, acquire knowledge or any competency. A more knowledgeable person assists a less knowledgeable person in the process of teaching and learning. The task of transferring knowledge from generation to generation is the most ancient profession known to human history. Being a teacher isn’t just about teaching good exercises. It is more on giving quality training in the real sense of the word. Finding how to become a good teacher is far more than preparing fascinating lessons, it is more on discovering approaches to inspire the students in a novel manner.

To be a great instructor than you are at present, the first important thing that you have to do is to ensure you assimilate the attitude of quality in your lives. By Attitude we mean you should have that exceptional need to improve the quality of your teaching and ensure you progress in the direction of it.


Quality is a significant part of any field. So as to build up an appropriate attitude of quality, there are a couple of things you need to remember apart from a deep determination, desire to improve and an inflexible stand. You need to ensure you don’t stray from your direction. Be conscious about not getting into the trench and stagnating or regressing without your knowledge.

Importance Of A Good Teacher

Teachers play a very important role in the life of an individual. Go back to your childhood days and recall the first day of school, when you didn’t know anybody who was there to welcome you and to assure your parents about your safety and happiness within the school? That’s the teacher.


The school is said to be a mini-society and hence the instructor is one who not only teaches subjects like maths, science, language, etc. but also nurtures children in a way where they can understand how to socialize and value others to incorporate the feeling of sharing and cooperation and eventually become a nice human being.

During earlier times teaching was a holy task and was provided at the teacher’s house but now a day it has become professional. Despite having a flood of information available today through print and digital medium still, the importance of a teacher cannot be neglected. As a human being, we also need a human to connect while learning. A machine or computer cannot provide emotional strength, required motivation and proper diagnosis to hindrance in learning. Hence the importance of a teacher is not going to lessen in any way.

“A teacher can inspire hope, spark off the imagination and instil a love for learning”

How To Become A Teacher


Teaching is considered to be the oldest profession on earth. Earlier teaching was a holy task, a service where students used to go to their teacher’s place but now a day it has become professional. Teachers teach in school/institution or tuition and get regularly paid for that. Since it’s not mere service or holy task but professional now one needs to have certain certified skills to become a teacher.

In most of the countries, the teacher’s qualification and pay are segregated as per levels of children they are teaching. The requirements to teach a kindergarten student is different from that of a senior secondary student.

Here are the qualifications required to become an educator at different levels:

1. Nursery Teacher


Nursery or pre-school offer programs to children between the age group of 3 to 5 years. To become a nursery teacher Diploma in nursery teacher training (NTT) is to be done which is a one-year diploma course. The eligibility to do this diploma course is to have at least 50% marks in 12th class with any stream from a recognized board.

2. Primary Teacher


At primary level students are at the stage where they are just familiar with the world around but lack in basic concepts. They should be taught using various teaching-learning materials and methodologies. A primary teacher should have the following educational qualifications:

– Diploma in elementary education(D.Ed.) after class 12th with at least 50% marks in 12th Standard (any stream)

– Bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks and B.Ed., both from a recognized university

– Qualified in CTET (CENTRAL TEACHERS ELIGIBILITY TEST) conducted by CBSE in accordance with the guidelines framed by NCTE

– Proficiency to teach in Hindi and English language

– Basic computer knowledge

3. Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT)/Secondary School Teacher


Teaching at the secondary level requires a different set of skills as students are in their adolescence period. They are aggressive and more curious to know about everything. The teacher should be in the role of counselor and a motivator too along with certified education. The educational requirements are as follows:

– Bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks in the subject concerned/combination of subjects in aggregate.

B.Ed. or equivalent degree from a recognized university

– Qualified in CTET (CENTRAL TEACHERS ELIGIBILITY TEST) conducted by CBSE in accordance with the guidelines framed by NCTE

– Proficiency in teaching in Hindi and English medium

– Basic computer knowledge

4. Postgraduate Teacher (PGT)/Senior Secondary Teacher


At this level student are prepared for their future professions, hence the teacher has to teach every concept in detail. To become a teacher at a senior secondary level a teacher needs to have the following educational and professional qualifications:

– Master’s degree from a recognized university in the subject concerned with at least 50% marks in aggregate.

B.Ed. or equivalent degree from a recognized university

– Proficiency in teaching in Hindi and English language

– Basic computer knowledge

How to Become A Good Teacher?

A good teacher is one that teaches his/her students farther than the level of the coursebook.

You will know how to become a good teacher if that you realize how to show real consideration for your students, if you guide them as a mentor, if you are knowledgable enough to make learning fun, if you focus on all your students particularly the ones struggling hard or are weak, and at last if you know how to talk with their guardians.

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To evaluate whether you are a good teacher or not, it is significant that you comprehend what steps you need to take to improve your training skills and classroom management styles. Below are a few tips to help you in becoming a good teacher:

Tip-1: Keep Enhancing Your Knowledge


A good teacher is a learner first and the teacher afterward. A good teacher is one who keeps himself/herself updated with the latest knowledge, changing teaching methodologies as per the need of modern times. With time society changes, parenting changes and so the students. Hence understanding the requirement of learner the teachers should keep himself updated.

Tip-2: Make A Proper Lesson Plan Before You Teach


No matter how much experienced an educator is, the lesson plan must be prepared by him/her before going to teach students. There is a saying that “work planned is half done”. An educator can attain maximum output from his/her teaching when he/she is clear in his/her mind ‘what to teach’; ‘how to teach‘ and ‘whom to teach’.

Tip-3: Stay Calm In Pressure


Other characteristics that you ought to learn on the how to become a good teacher is to stay quiet and calm when under pressure and have a sense of humor to lighten things up to make learning a good time for the students to appreciate. You should be down to earth, practical, objective, fair, and a good leader.

Tip-4: Be A Good Example For Your Students


A teacher is a role model for the students. Students imitate their teachers. What you say must be reflected in your personality. It also develops a good interpersonal relationship among the teacher and student, which further result in better development of both ‘the teacher’ and ‘the student’.

Tip-5: Use A Variety Of Methods To Teach To Cater Inclusion


Within a class, there are many students and each of them has their own strength and weaknesses. Many times there are students with different abilities. In that case, the educator has to use diverse methodologies of teaching. To do this, you can incorporate individual work, little group sessions or entire group style of guidance to infuse a dose of variety in your teaching style. For example, if a student is deaf then more visual teaching aids should be there or if a child is blind then audio teaching aids should be used.

Besides textbooks, you can likewise utilize songs and dancing numbers or anything innovative to enable students to learn in their fullest potential.

Tip-6: Belief In Your Students


A good teacher must believe in the abilities of his/her students. He/she should identify the strength of their students and nurture them in a way they can achieve maximum success in their field of interest and expertise. The instructor must motivate students and make them realize about their abilities.

Tip-7: Attend Seminars And Workshops


For professional development, the teacher must go to attend in-service seminars, training, and workshops. It provides them to explore new ideas to meet up with other teachers and share each other’s knowledge and experiences. It also helps in boosting up the confidence and effective communication skills of the teachers.

A better teacher is somebody who can acknowledge that they don’t really know everything and that they are happy to accept different challenges and learn new things. You can be a great teacher if you are available to criticisms not simply praises. Criticisms should not be taken as an individual assault against you however, you should take them as a chance to improve your art.

Also remember, that a teacher does not give up on the students. Surrendering will appear to students that they can surrender too in light of the fact that failure is an alternative, which is not correct! You should push them through tough occasions to enable them to beat life’s hurdles.

To sum it up, a better teacher is somebody who is enthusiastic about his/her job and is devoted and focused on everything that the job involves.

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