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How To Cure Diseases By Chemical Therapy: Rasayana Chikitsa

Rasayana Chikitsa/Herbal organic herbal chemical therapy is one of the parts of Ayurvedas ‘Asthangas’ (eight parts). Rasayana directly nourishes Dhaatus. It is not just a medicinal therapy rather a complete set of medicines/herbs, food, daily routine, habits (includes sleeping pattern, nature of the job, exercise, good and bad habit) and thoughts behavior which aims to hundreds year life, strong body immunity and good brain power through excellent ‘Dhaatu’ nourishment in the body. It not only gives good physical health but it mainly affects mind power and mental health especially ‘Maidhya Rashayan’ is more appropriate to this purpose. It cures sleeping disorders(like insomnia, anxiety, etc), mental disturbance, depression, stroke, paralysis, madness, etc.

Rashayan remedies depend on age, nature or “Prakriti” suitability, hunger condition, digestive power and “Dhaatus” of a patient.

1. For cough and cold phenomena, asthma, infection in lungs, bronchitis, clear voice and sharp memory of children with the age group of 1-10 years-50mg-100mg “Vacha powder” mixed with honey to be linked to child 3 to 5 times in a day.

2. For the growth of adolescent children of age between 11 to 20 years, increase blood, weight gain, enhance stamina and strength, bone density- Dosage of 2-3 gm “Bala powder” boiled in one cup water mixed with one cup milk should be given twice a day or before sleep.

3. For the growth of youngs between age group 21-30 years, to cure Anemia – Dosage of Shatpootee Loah Bhasm (Shatpootee Iron Ash) mixed with cow ghee of quantity equal to 1 grain of rice is to be given twice a day.

4. people suffering from stress-related mental disorders, sleeping problems (Insomnia), high blood pressure and heart disease – Take 10-15 ml dose of “Shankhpushpi Ras” or powder mixed with honey. This remedy is excellent for the patient between the age of 31 to 40 years.

5. Diseases related to “Vaat Dosh”, joint pain, knee pain, paralysis can be cured by taking “Jyotishmati powder” of quantity equals 1gm mixed with 50-200mg “Shoath”/powder dried ginger. As an alternative or supplement body massage with “Jyotishmati oil” is also beneficial. This remedy is for the patients of age group between 41-50 years.

6. At the age of 51-60 years, eyesight usually became weakening. Eye-sight can be sharpened or cured by taking 1gm of “Triflar powder” and 0.5gm “Shaptamrit Loah” with cow ghee twice a day. Taking 2-3gm of Trifla powder with like warm water/toned milk/cow milk/honey (“Anupaan” can be suggested by an experienced doctor) before going to sleep. Alternatively, the dosage of 3-10gm of “Giloye” “Gokshoor” and “Amla Powder” is the best remedy for it.

Maidhya Rashayan: The brainpower to grasping and memorizing increases by taking a dose of 1gm mixed powder of “Shankhpushpi”, “Jatamanshi” and “Brashmi”. This remedy empowers the brain, helps in deep sound sleep and helps in mental peace. It is an excellent remedy which delivers quick and sure results to lakhs of people.

Life stage/ Behaviour/ “Aachaar Rashayan”: Our lifestyle also affects our physical, mental health. A person who is true, sweet speaker, free from anger/revenge, nonviolent, patient, celibate does charity, meditator and good religious book literature reader is considered as a “Rashayan Sewi”(one who has taken Rasayana therapy).

NOTE: Dosage of remedy, “Anupaan”, quantity should be suggested by an experienced and well qualified ayurvedic doctor or Ayurveda acharya according to the Prakriti/nature, age of the patient and climate & season for the best results otherwise above remedies can be given/taken generally. There are herbs, organic, natural side-effect free and harmless. A healthy person can also take them and get benefited.

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