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How To Develop Physical, Mental & Spiritual Power By Celibacy

How to develop and maintain Physical, Mental & Spiritual Power By Celibacy? We do not know how divine, beneficial and miraculous property is ‘Celibacy‘. Those who have control over all five senses and lust do good work, possess sweet behavior and live happily in soul consciousness. Those live life full of sense gratification, luxuriousness and a life full of materialistic subjects without distinguishing good and bad after-effects are bad people who suffer grief later. But, people who practice celibacy experience self-realization and become great and important to society and nation.

Swami Vivekananda was teaching their followers about the harmful effects of lust and the importance of winning control over sexual desires. One day, one of the listeners asked, “Swami Ji, it is easier to say but very difficult to maintain celibacy in our daily life. Please tell some trick so that sexual needs and temptations do not arise in our mind and we get rid of it and be able to focus on other useful and good subjects”. And to that Swami Ji replied, “It’s true, that it is very difficult to make ourselves free from lust and sexual desires but once you took control over it, it will be in your control life long forever. Celibacy makes faster development of concentration power and capacities of the brain”.

Merely being a celibate (one who is free from all eight types of ‘Maithuns‘), all the arts and wisdom can be acquired within a short period and the person gets the enlightening experiences throughout life. But the absence of celibacy taking our nations backward. As a result of which we are becoming incapable in all aspects like education, morals, finance, health, and development. We are losing humanity and values, Swami Ji used to say it.

Swami Vivekananda went to Germany during his Europe visit. There Prof. Paul Dawson gets surprised and shocked to see extraordinary brainpower and memory of Vivekananda. Swami told him the secret of his sharp extraordinary memory, “Celibacy gives control to our mind and then after all other power and capacities develop automatically”.

Celibacy or ‘Brahmacharya‘ means “Brahma Mei Vicharan Karna” (to be in all respects related to Brahma) that is to be connected to the supreme soul of god always. And one who knows such experience is true celibate or ‘Brahmachari‘. The technical meaning of Brahmacharya (Celibacy) is the preservation of seminal energy. In this context, it is the preeminent observance, the incomparable penance, and the preeminent Saadhanaa and the product of Saadhanaa are Self-realisation and Self-knowledge.

Brahmacharya (Celibacy) is an outright opportunity from sexual wants and contemplations. Even if there is a solitary impure sexual idea in the brain, one can’t be known as a genuine Brahmachari (Celibate). In a Self-Acknowledged soul (Jnani) the cravings are totally demolished. Before achieving Self-knowledge, one isn’t discharged from the shackles of lustful wants. Preservation of seminal energy is most important for the destruction of desires, accomplishing virtue of brain, happy and healthy life, God-realization, or supreme goals of human life, i.e. Incomparable Happiness.

The ultimate objective of human life is to achieve Self-Knowledge. To get Self-acknowledgment, One who is edified is Jivanmukta (one who is epitomized yet liberated). He is caught up in Brahmic Happiness i.e. he lives in a condition of lasting Self-Joy. Expects nothing from the world. He lives, moves and has his being in an infinite sea of happiness inside himself and he never relies on objects of sense pleasures for his joy. And is totally freed from the common attractions and shocks. All of his activities are performed easily and egolessly. Common items and subjects can’t disturb his perennial condition of supreme joy.

He stays tranquil under all conditions. Such an acknowledged soul may externally have all the earmarks of being living in degrading poverty. However, inside he is the king of the kings since the majority of his wants have been burnt in the flame of Self-knowledge. For him, there is no obligation to be released for he has risen above them all. Such an illuminated soul easily lives in a province of Brahman. His celibacy is easy and natural. He lives in a territory of Brahmic awareness even while being occupied with worldly transactions. He is in natural continuous Samaadhi.

If we compare two persons, one with all the knowledge available and unavailable in all the four secret Vedas. And the other who is illiterate but maintains celibacy. Then the later one is more great, nice, efficient, happier, and successful. Celibacy is a wonderful, magical, and beneficial property.