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How To Get Good Marks In Exams

Getting good marks is a standout amongst the most significant variables that fulfill us at school, supposing that we trust that we are studying harder than others, yet our companions score good marks/grades, at that point, we will be puzzled about the reasons why this is transpiring which may make us thoughtless to do any additional effort while studying.

Why To Get Good Marks?

Let’s be honest first, why individuals need to get good marks?

This inquiry has numerous answers, for example,

1. To Feel Better And Victorious


2. To Make Guardians Proud


3. To Join The college We Had Always Wanted


Scoring good marks will make us feel better and successful, however, the issue comes when we score low and act like we are fine with it, in addition, we may accuse the educational system and the home condition and we may trust that they are the reasons why we really get low grades without looking for the genuine reason which is inside us, this is an ideal opportunity to scan for genuine reasons and why students score low marks and how to make it higher.

There are numerous reasons why we score low marks, here are some of them:-

1. We Don’t Learn From Previous Mistakes


2. Focusing On Others


We focus on the students who get higher marks, not within self and nor we focus on how to learn from our mistakes to get good marks.

3. Fear Of Doing Mistakes


Doing mistakes in tests make us feel frightened and we don’t have the boldness to face them and know the correct answers.

4. We Do Similar Common Old Mistakes


5. Thinking Of Tricks To Score High


We trust that there is a hot tip that we have to know with the goal that we can get good marks.

How To Score Good Marks Then?

The examinations are tests through which you can show your knowledge or intelligence in a particular subject. But it is very discouraging to those students who want to show their knowledge by getting good marks in exams but unfortunately, they can’t get. It feels them guilty and sorry.

Even some students get depressed and always being like irritated. It is not because they are careless towards their studies but they do not know the proper strategy or tips and tricks.

Good achievements in exams need a proper time table and full concentration. So if you are confused about how to get good marks just follow these steps:

1. Pay Attention


Firstly, pay complete attention in the classroom because when you listen to the teacher actively, it enhances the chances of getting good marks along with learning the concepts quickly.

2. Make Notes


Note difficult points in the notebook which helps you a lot later after leaving the class.

3. Consult Instructor


Ask the Instructors if you face difficulty in understanding a point or a specific subject. Try not to be afraid to request the instructor’s help and guidance on that point. You can either consult in the class or after the class. Instructors will be happy to support you.

4. Do Revisions


Take the homework seriously so that you’ll be able to learn extra things. Make a daily routine to revise the things at home, which you have studied in the class.

5. Practice By Writing Points


Keep the notebook and pen at your side while reading and learning so as to note important points. This will help you to remember and recall all the important things in a long time run.

6. Solve The Previous Papers


Try solving previous year exam questions which will help you in increasing your confidence level.

7. Take Breaks


Stay stress-free & take small breaks (20-25min max) so as to refresh the mind because continuous reading and learning can pressurize your brain which results in facing difficulty in memorizing the things.

8. Take Proper Nap


Sleep for at least 7-8 hours so as to get up early with a fresh mind to gain more and more knowledge.

9. Avoid Eating Before Exams


You should never eat a heavy meal just before your exam because it can make you lazy and sleepy which results in low IQ or we can say it reduces brainpower for a few hours.

10. Study Early

Try to study in the early morning as in the morning time your mind is free from useless thoughts and you can easily concentrate on your studies.

11. Do Exercise

Exercise daily so as to keep the body active and healthy.

12. Avoid Wasting Time

better grades tips

Don’t waste time playing video games, watching videos or commercials or surfing social networks, etc… rather utilize that precious time.

13. Eat Well

how to score better in exams

Eat healthy food and drink fresh. Consume more water which provides the energy and keep the body nourished.

14. Take Weak Subjects First


Concentrate more on weak subjects in order to score in them and achieve a good result.

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15. Consider Handwriting


Good handwriting is the golden opportunity which can somehow help in getting good marks.

16. Teach Others

how to get high marks

Your concept will get more sharp and clear if you teach others which will ultimately increase confidence too.

17. Schedule Proper Study Plan


Make a list of the considerable number of things you have to do to study for each subject, and to what extent you think it will take you. Go through this info to make an examination timetable. Be sure that you have given yourself all the time you think you need, in addition to some extra per subject, in your study plan.

Likewise, ensure your study plan has enough space in it, so if something comes up one day, you can rearrange around your arrangement with the goal that you don’t lose study time.

18. Study In Groups If Possible

students group studying

Studying with other individuals can be a great method to enhance your learning knowledge. Attempt to do it with a total of three other people max, or with a couple of other individuals so as to limit diversions. If possible then try to study with somebody who is less skilled at the subject than you since it’ll push you to educate them.

Remember there is no shortcut to success you have to work hard in order to achieve it. Set your goals and try your best. Your result will get good as “Hard work is the only key which works, no matter what you do”.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get 100 Percent Marks In Exam?

8 tips that can help you to get 100 percent marks in any exam:
1. Firstly, pay complete attention to what is been taught in school/college
2. Make a daily routine to revise the things at home
3. Keep the notebook and pen at your side while reading and learning so as to note important points
4. Take weak subjects first
5. Schedule a proper study plan
6. Solve previous year question papers
7. Teach others if possible
8. Study in group

How To Get Full Marks In Exams Without Studying?

To be honest there’s no trick to score full marks without studying unless you decide to cheat. However, you can score decent marks (passing) without studying hard. And here’s how:
1. Pay Attention in class
2. Make notes on your own
3. Write answers in points with proper headings
4. Read the question carefully and answer it accordingly
5. Attempt questions which you are confident about
6. Start with high scoring questions
7. Don’t waste time over questions you don’t know

What Is The Best Time To Study?

The best time for studying is the early morning, generally, 4 AM To 8 AM. It is because early morning is the time when your mind is fresh and free from useless thoughts. And you can better concentrate on your studies.

How To Memorize Faster?

Here are a few tips you can follow to memorize things faster:
1. Do yoga exercise and meditation
2. Play Brain Games
3. Eat healthy food
4. Revise what you have studied, after 2-3 days gap
5. Stay focused while studying or working
6. Avoid doing multiple tasks at a time

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