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How To Improve Reading Skills In Children-How to Solution

How to improve reading skills in children? Reading is a significant part of everyone’s life but it is more important in your child’s life as they are in the learning stage and there will be a great deal of reading required in their school life. To begin with, they will learn how to read and afterward, they will read to learn. Thus as a teacher/parent, you ought to ensure that reading and learning should be an enjoyable activity.

Reading is a skill to process the text, comprehend it and to integrate it with the knowledge already acquired by the reader. One needs to do the practice of reading skill well to acquire mastery in the skill.

Reading is a very important aspect in the way of language learning. It opens up the path to explore new words, their usage, and their semantics. Better reading skills are also very helpful in various competitive exams. Reading and comprehending what is being read should be speedy in order to utilize time in various competitive exams. Another type of reading is reading for pleasure. This category comes in the reading of novels or articles.

Below, we have shared a list of few ways to help you improve reading skills in your children.

Tips To Improve Reading Skills In Children

1. Decide Purpose Of Reading

It is always good to know the purpose of reading. Whether it might be for gaining information, for pleasure or for a particular educational course. All kind of reading requires a slightly different style. So it is advised to teach your child the purpose of reading. For example; reading for pleasure, which includes reading stories and novels, is the kind of reading where you are allowed to guess the meaning and the reading is of extensive nature whereas reading for information is intensive where you need to focus on each and every minute detail.

2. Fix A Time For Reading

To make your child excited about reading make sure that you fix an ordinary reading time. It can be before sleeping, or in the evening or the morning. Whatever suits you and your kid, yet attempt to adhere to one time each day. After a short time when your kid can read themselves, they will anticipate that time.

3. Read Aloud

Reading out loud helps your child to improve his reading skills because it makes him/her fully involved in the text. Their eyes are involved as they listen to them, their mouth as they speak and their ears as they listen to words they speak. Also, it helps in the improvement of accent. They learn to read with proper voice modulation, intonation and proper expressions given by punctuation marks.

4. Reading Material

Buy different reading material for home, as per your kid’s age. You can spread youngsters’ magazine with bright pictures, or storybooks, fantasies among other reading material that you think will intrigue your child.

5. Reading Exercises

Urge your kid to make reading a piece of his life. Propel your kid to read menus, street signs, hoardings, general travel data, climate forecasts, motion picture postings, or some other ordinary information like reading the labels while purchasing grocery items.

6. Habit Of Library

Teaching the library habit when your kid has begun reading is a good thought to create and improve reading skills. Making outings to the library will likewise allure your kid to read and they will eat up books like a bookworm.

7. Improve Child’s Vocabulary

Whenever you teach your child to read try to have a dictionary, a pen and a diary by your side. Every time you see a new word, just check the word out in the dictionary and note it down. Also, try to explain the meaning of various phrasal verbs to your kids. Though they are not the literal meaning of words but a bit figurative. This is a good habit to teach your child to use the dictionary for difficult words. As a result, it will help them increase their vocabulary.

8. Make Reading A Family Habit

Make reading a family habit. You can do that by talking about the books during dinner or fixing the time when all the members in the family will read something which they love, for thirty minutes at least. Lead by example. Give your kid a chance to see your enthusiasm for reading.

9. Show Eagerness In Your Child’s Reading

At the point when your youngster is reading show excitement towards it. You can do that either by valuing his endeavors or by uniting with your youngster in the reading action, therefore, making it a fun activity. How you respond will affect your kid’s reading abilities thus make sure to be positive in your response.

10. Strengthen Spelling Aptitudes

Most frequently a child can’t improve his reading skills since he is lost with new words which he finds hard to understand. The outcome is that the child will discover ways to abstain from reading. As guardians, you can play the word games with your kids to fortify their spelling abilities and therefore making an impression in his young brain that spellings can be fun as well.

11. Intensive Reading

Intensive reading involves reading in detail, paying attention to each word, each phrase and each sentence with a purpose of attaining detailed information. It is an important technique because it helps your child in understanding the text better and focusing on word meanings. It is also helpful in vocabulary enhancing which further improves reading skills.

12. Extensive Reading

Extensive reading is the technique of reading where you read for enjoyment or pleasure. This kind of reading is just like developing or pursuing a hobby. Here you often read novels, stories or articles which suit your interest. It is the kind of reading can helps your child in increasing the speed of reading. Here the reader guesses the meaning as per the text and reads fastly to reach the end of the text. This is also a very helpful technique to enhance reading skills.

13. Find Reading Issues

Mostly the reading issues are left undetected till it turns out to be the point of no return. So watch out if your youngster is having issues in reading, interpreting or understanding any word. Make sure that your child comprehends what he is reading.

14. Find Help For Reading Problems

On the off chance if you feel that your kid has reading issues – like he doesn’t comprehend what he is reading, experiences issues in articulating words then it is advised to look for immediate assistance from tutors.

15. Review What Is Read

After completing the reading task ask your child to write a review on the book. Writing down the main ideas in own words and then rereading it will help in checking the ability to understand the text. It also will enhance their writing skills along with the improvement of reading skills.

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