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How To Make New Things From Waste Materials

Do you have old stuff lying around in your house? Are you looking for some fun ideas to make new things from waste materials?

Don’t worry, there is good news for you: something can be salvaged out of your creative mind from these waste products that you throw away. There are so many ways to recycle all those waste material and you can create the best out of all those waste things and decorate your home with them.

how-to-use-waste-materials-for-decoration Make new things from waste materials

So, here are some cool art and craft with waste items which are fun and easy to make. Put on your creative hats, start reusing waste things and make beautiful handcraft!

Some Fun DIY Projects To Make New Things From Waste Materials

1. Snowman From Waste Socks


Do you have lost one pair of socks? So take out those useless lonely socks and convert them into beautiful socks snowman. For making a socks snowman you just need one pair of socks, Rubber Bands/Threads, Scissors, Buttons, Glue, Ribbon, sesame seeds (or rice), and map pins.

Procedure For Making Snowman

Cut half of the sock and make a round base by filling it with sesame seeds/rice, after that secure the top with the rubber bands or you can even use threads, also for making the head of the snowman tie it with another rubber band almost 3/4th of the way up. Glue the buttons on the belly and use map pins for making mouth and eyes of the snowman. Use ribbon to make muffler, also you can use another pair of any colored sock for making a hat of the snowman.