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How To Make New Things From Waste Materials

Do you have old stuff lying around in your house? Are you looking for some fun ideas to reuse them to make new things from waste materials?

Don’t worry, there is good news for you: something can be salvaged out of your creative mind from these waste products that you throw away. There are so many ways to recycle all those waste material and you can create the best out of all those waste things and decorate your home with them.

Make new things from waste materials

So, here are some cool art and craft with waste items which are fun and easy to make. Put on your creative hats, start reusing waste things and make beautiful handcraft!

Some Fun DIY Projects To Make New Things From Waste Materials

1. Snowman From Waste Socks

Do you have lost one pair of socks? So take out those useless lonely socks and convert them into beautiful socks snowman. For making a socks snowman you just need one pair of socks, Rubber Bands/Threads, Scissors, Buttons, Glue, Ribbon, sesame seeds (or rice), and map pins.

Procedure For Making Snowman

Cut half of the sock and make a round base by filling it with sesame seeds/rice, after that secure the top with the rubber bands or you can even use threads, also for making the head of the snowman tie it with another rubber band almost 3/4th of the way up. Glue the buttons on the belly and use map pins for making the mouth and eyes of the snowman. Use ribbon to make muffler, also you can use another pair of any colored sock for making a hat of the snowman.

Video Credit – ebideas

2. Bookmarks From Ice-Cream Sticks

You can use waste ice-cream sticks for making great bookmarks, as best books deserve the best bookmarks. For ice-cream sticks bookmarks you need ice-cream sticks itself, glue, ribbon, felt pens. It is very easy, as it can be made in a few simple steps. Firstly you need to clean the ice-cream stick, secondly when it get dry wrap it with ribbon and the last step is to decorate and color it with felt pens.

Procedure For Making Ice-cream Sticks Bookmarks

Video Credit – Bcute Craft

3. Waste Bottles Vase

You can use all those waste bottles or cold drink bottles and turn them into beautiful vases and decorate your home with greenery. To make it, you need a few things that are any kind of bottles, paints and masking tape. Follow the steps given below and make pretty vases.

Procedure To Make Waste Bottles Vase

Step1: Clean the bottles and paint them with any color of your choice after removing the labels.

Step2: For making patterns and design on the bottles use masking tape.

Step3: Before painting use tapes so that when you spray paint on the bottle, those parts will still be transparent. After leaving it for dry.

Step4: Add flowers and adorn your living room with the beautiful bottle.

Video Credit – Priti Sharma

4. Use Waste Carton For Bird House

You can easily make little birdies’ home from any juice or milk carton. This will not only be engaging but also it will enchant your kids by attracting birds to the balcony of your house. For a beautiful birdhouse, you need a carton of milk or juice, cutter, glue, color paper, wool, plastic spoon, glue, and the paints.

Procedure For Making Bird House From Waste Carton:

Step1: Paint the juice or milk carton and leave it for dry. After this cover, the carton by applying a thin layer of the glue and add color papers randomly and even you can overlap those color paper on one another for color-full effect on the carton.

Step2: You need to make two holes, one on the top and another one on the side to make the door of the birdhouse. After this cut an “X” shape to insert a plastic spoon just below the door to put seeds for the birds.

Step3: To hang the birdhouse put the wool after making the tiny slits on the roof of the birdies’ home.

Video Credit – Howcast

5. Picture Play From Waste Cardboard Box

Do you want to display your pictures in an innovative style? So, here is the best cardboard box picture play idea which you can use to make a great picture play of your beautiful images. The waste items you need for making this are a cardboard box, color paper, scale, colors, cardboard roll, glue, scissors, and your awesome pictures.

Procedure For Making Picture Play:

Step1: Wrap the cardboard with the color paper and cut out a flap at the back and rectangle in front.

Step2: Cut out two circles from the cardboard roll and paint them. After this fit it in the circle that you’d cut out.

Step3: Paste the images on the rolls and see the magic.

Video Credit – Crafty Ideas

There are so many things that you can try at home to make new things from waste materials. Have fun and love decorating your home.


  1. Because great books deserve great bookmarks and summer vacations are synonymous with eating lots of ice cream. Use the ice cream sticks to make adorable bookmarks is really Creative idea and is best way to recycle unused stuff to make it useful.

    Thanks for lovely writing…

  2. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.


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