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How To Make The Most Out Of Summers – How to Solution

What strikes your mind when you think of summers? Is it sun, unbearable heat, sweat? Is the summer that bad? Well, think once again. Summers aren’t that toxic.

Let’s have a look at the brighter side of summers. Isn’t it cool to wear shorts, skirts, ripped jeans, and sunglasses and go out for parties or vacations near some nearest lake or go diving? Think of the fashionable attires which you wanted to wear but you couldn’t due to some other seasons.


It is a known fact that the sun light can make us feel good and also eliminates negative thinking. Make the most of the summer season enjoying all the outdoors and get exposed in sunlight. Enjoy the extra benefits that come with sunny and warm weather. Summers are also a great time to get out and enjoy the health benefits.

Let’s have a look at how Summers can really be Fun and how one can make the most out of Summers

1. Great time to get Vitamin D:


One of the common problem being faced by the people today is the deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D strengthens your immune system, make your bone stronger, builds metabolism and also plays a vital role in cancer prevention. In summers we have a great luxury of obtaining and replenishing the amount of vitamin D in our body. So be sun smart and choose some time where large areas of your body are openly exposed to the sun rays.

2. Get benefit from the Seasonal Fresh Fruits and Veggies:


In the summer season, we can enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables such as watermelons, mangoes, cool fruit/vegetable juices, salads, smoothies and much more. Normally summer heat brings down our hunger, as our body does not need much energy expansion in order to keep us warm, unlike winters. Hence many of us stay away from heavy meals and this is another great reason to look towards fresh fruits and vegetables so that proper nutrition can be taken for a healthy life.

3. Opportunities For Physical Activity:


The sun and the warmth open numerous opportunities to get more active, so pick your favorite activities and enjoy the summer. This type of weather calls you outdoors, so you can strengthen your bones, muscles, heart, etc. You can do various kind of physical actives like swimming, Frisbee throwing, walks and jogs and many more!!

Devices are just a part of our life in today’s time but don’t you get so very tired of ringing phones, dinging laptops, and pinging iPads? So take a break from devices and indulge yourself in some adventurous activities and keep yourself happy, healthy and fit.

4. More Opportunities to Enjoy the Fresh Air:


Put away the video games, turn off the television and just go outside and enjoy the fresh air, another key area to good health. Infuse yourself with the natural “Happy” state and feel the fresh air, get fresh breathing for good health and practice this regularly. Just be in the atmosphere of warm summer by going outdoor whether it is picnics, park, any physical activities or gardening and more.

5. Get more Opportunity for Sweating Naturally:


Sweating is the thing which you don’t want to experience at first but in reality, sweating is a great health benefit. Many people use gadgets such as slim belts or sweating belts in order to sweat more to lose weight and they also use sauna baths where they go in a vaporized room to sweat and cut down their extra fat and stay healthy. The thing you need to realize is why to invest in all such artificial methods when nature is providing you that opportunity naturally and that too for free of cost.

Sweating is a key factor for good body detoxification for better health. Use a natural deodorant if you are super sensitive to the scent and then go out and enjoy yourself and allow your body to do what it was intended to do naturally to get a good health outcome.

6. Get Opportunities to Walk Barefoot:

Most of us don’t even realize or pay any attention to this fact that walking barefooted is a vital component for great health. Yes, we get opportunities to spend more time outdoors and walk barefoot with the warm weather. You can walk barefooted either on a beach, on rocks or possibly just in your own backyard. This simple habit has several health benefits as it stimulates many of our pressure points. It also provides better digestion, enhances our immune function, cure backache and much more!

As most of us are disconnected from the Earth nowadays, a major benefit of walking barefoot is to get a grounding effect as walking barefoot on the Earth allows for a natural grounding of electromagnetic charges in our whole body. Walking on the Earth barefoot is free of cost and can be loads of fun as you get connected with the Earth and enjoy.

So enjoy the sun more sensibly and remember always to keep yourself well hydrated with fresh water and
simply have fun in summers!!

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