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How to Pre-Register For PUBG PC Lite In Southeast Asia Countries

Finally, the time has come when the most awaited game PUBG PC lite is expanding its market in Southeast Asian Countries. The pre-registration event in open for India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Maldives. In this article, we’ll reveal step by step guide on how to pre-register for PUBG PC Lite in India and other targeted countries.

The pre-registration of PUBG PC Lite beta testing in India is live at this point. Recently, an article was posted on the Official website of PUBF PC Lite that pre-enrollment will start from the twentieth of June. To find out about this allude to the article beneath:

PUBG NEWS: PUBG LITE Beta Test Expands Service to SAARC!

PUBG PC Lite is free to play game, specially designed for low specs PC Gamers so they could also play and feel the real thunder of Official PUBG PC. Previously, users need to have high-end PCs if they want to play the official PUBG PC. But as PUBG PC Lite is the reduced version of official PUBG PC, so now users can enjoy the game in low-end PCs having integrated graphics. The in-game mechanics of PUBG PC Lite is all similar to PUBG PC original, so the action won’t differ.


As said above, the pre-registration starts from 20th June at 7:00 am (IST) and will last till 4th July at 7:00 am (IST).

Now we are not saying that pre-enrollment implies that one can download the game after enlistment. The game is yet not accessible in India, as no such official announcement has been made. However, according to the rumors, you can expect to get the news soon.

But still, if you want to play the PUBG PC Lite in India or want to download PUBG PC Lite, feel free to check our article on How to Download and Play PC Lite

The pre-registration is for the in-game prizes and special offers, which PUBG Lite is giving to those who register in this event, as they are celebrating their expansion. The offers are only opened for the people of the targeted region. And will be allocated through the Redeem Codes delivered on registered e-mails, by 11th of July.

Following are the prizes list:

1. A Cool Tiger look M416 Skin

2. A Cheetah skin Parachute

This is not yet, there are a lot more prizes given after the game will launch officially in the targeted countries.

How To Pre-Register For PUBG PC Lite?

Step-1: Visit PUBC Lite Official Site

Step-2: Hit the PARTICIPATE EVENT Button

Step-3: You’ll be asked for LOGIN in your PUBG LITE Account. In case, you haven’t signed up, then do it right there. Fill in relevant details and you are all set to go.

Step-4: Once you LOG IN hit the PARTICIPATE EVENT button again and guess what, you are registered successfully.

Make sure a pop message has appeared on your window, saying “You are successfully registered in this event“, which will confirm your registration. So register as quickly as time permits to get PUBG Lite in-game prizes.

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