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How To Start A Blog: A Full Guide To Blog Writing


So, you want to make your own Online space. But don’t have the foggiest idea on how to start a blog? With all the advanced technology today, it’s simpler than you expect!

In this article, we’ll cover each and everything you need to know to start a blog of your own without facing many difficulties. According to a survey we came to know that there are soo many people who start writing blogs every year. But hardly a few dive into this stream successfully and earn good livings. And the rest give up easily as they might not have proper knowledge about blogging or how to start blog writing, or they start blogging without any interest, etc… the list is endless.

But here we’ve done all the hard work to make the things easier for you to get through the topic and start your own blog, successfully. Also, you’ll learn how you can utilize your blogging skills to generate good livings online.

Through this article, you’ll get to know about the basics of blogging. And how you can build your skills in blogging, leading you to become a pro. And some advanced tips and tactics which you can utilize in becoming a pro-level blogger (completely genuine).

There’s no hard and fast rule, the only thing required is time and practice. The more time you give to it the more you learn. The more you dive into this the more you’ll get good and become a pro-level blogger. So without wasting much time let’s jump in.

Few Questions On How To Start A Blog

Let just start with some common inquiries that pretty much every starting blogger asks. Which is for what reason we are going to give you the appropriate responses forthright with the goal that you know precisely what to expect from this procedure!

1. What is Blog/Blogging?

The word ‘blog’ is a short term of ‘weblog’, that implies a kind of news coverage or journalism that is dependent on the web. A blog is a sort of website that centers mostly around composed content, otherwise called blog posts. In mainstream culture, we frequently catch wind of news websites/blogs or big name(Celebrities, brands, etc…) blog websites. However as you’ll find in this guide, you can begin a fruitful blog on pretty much any topic possible.

Bloggers regularly write from an individual point of view that enables them to associate specifically with their perusers/readers. In addition, most online journals additionally have a “comments” segment where perusers can interact with the blogger. Communicating with your readers in the comments area assists the association between the blogger and the reader.

This immediate interaction with the peruser is one of the principal advantages of beginning a blog. This interaction enables you to connect and impart thoughts to other similarly interested individuals. It likewise enables you to assemble trust with your customers. Having the trust and devotion of your customers additionally opens up the way to profiting from your blog.

Blogging is fun and can be a rewarding method for sharing your thoughts with the world. Additionally, it’s a decent open door for everybody willing to procure some part-time income.

2. Does It Require Any Coding Skills?

Probably not! You won’t require any coding skills or any sort of special knowledge. Rather, you just need to have basic computer skills. If you satisfy that condition, so whether you are 8 or 88. You ought to experience no difficulty in beginning your very own blog.

3. Is It A Good Idea To Start A Blog?

One of the misguided judgments about beginning a blog is that you should be an extraordinary essayist to be successful. Individuals read blog locales to get an individual point of view on things. So most bloggers write in an exceptionally casual and conversational style. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be a specialist on your topic so as to have an effective blog.

For instance, readers of a cooking blog would prefer not to peruse a reading material from a nourishment researcher. They need to hear the encounters of somebody who has really prepared some genuine meal or any foodstuff. Establish yourself as an expert by helping others with the problems you’ve overcome. That’s what blogging is all about.

To be effective as a blogger there is extremely one necessity required and that is enthusiasm for your topic.

Blogging is tied in with offering/sharing your knowledge with the world. Picking a subject that you are energetic about makes the way toward beginning a fruitful blog much easier. Writing on more than one subject thoroughly is fine as well. For whatever length of time that you are writing on things, you are truly inspired by it. Your energy will radiate through and keep your perusers intrigued.

Reasons To Start Blogging:

1. Discover A Network- Blogging at its heart is intuitive. You compose a blog post and individuals comment on it. This is an extraordinary method to interact with individuals who are keen on things as you are. Blogging enables you to encourage these individuals dependent on your experience. And it offers you the chance to gain from your perusers too.

2. Profit From Home- Blogging can be very rewarding when done effectively. The best bloggers on the planet clearly gain a lot. However, even low maintenance bloggers can hope to make a pleasant benefit if things are done accurately. The best part about it is that blogging is a type of automated revenue. Since you can spend only a couple of hours seven days composing a blog post. And afterward, keep on profiting from it long after the blog post is composed.

3. Offer Your Story- A blog enables you to have a voice and be heard. You can impart your story to the whole world in the event that you so pick. A standout amongst the most well-known ways online blogs are utilized as a piece of information. Where the bloggers write on their day by day encounters with the goal that companions, family, and others would be able to be a piece of their lives.

Fortunately, the web is detonating with development at the present time. More individuals than any time in recent memory are on the web. This blast in growth implies increasingly potential readers for your blog. To put it plainly, if you are pondering to start a blog, at that point, there is no preferred time over the present moment.

4. What Topic To Write-On?

This is one of the main questions that come in mind when you start blogging. And is also one of the main reasons why bloggers do quit or give up soon.

Frequently when people start blogging, they just bounce directly in and begin posting blogs. Without thinking much in regards to various blogging angles, one of which incorporates planning. It’s not wrong as taking actions is great. Yet commonly bloggers end up having no thoughts as well as feel as though they are to some degree lost. And don’t comprehend where their blogs are going.

Consequently, it is important to make a few plannings in the initials. As it will help you at each progression when you start writing your blog. It’s highly recommended to start writing on the topics which you feel you are good at or passionate about. On the same side, it doesn’t mean you have to be an expert. As even a 7-8-year-old kid can also write a blog if he is well aware of his topic.

With all these questions we again get back to our fundamental question: How to start a blog?

11 Simple Steps On How To Start A Blog:

The 11 steps which we are going to share here are very important to assemble a blog.

A number of expert bloggers, for the most part, pursue these means to get their blog a brand name. So we are not going to share anything out of the case.

Peruse every single point wisely and grab the opportunity to turn yourself into a next decent blogger.

Step-1: Decide What You Want Your Blog To Be About (Choose A Niche)

The primary thing you have to choose is the thing that you will blog about. So what Niche you should use to bring your blogging into something that is productive on the web? Remember to be wise in picking a niche as you additionally need to consider if you are well aware of that niche.

Choosing a wise topic (Niche) for your blog is key since you should do some keyword researching. In order to locate some great expressions or phrases to target as well as a decent domain name.

You most likely as of now have a general thought of what to blog about. Yet just in case that you are not exactly there, so here are some blogging tips:

– Be Passionate About Your Niche: Try not to pick a Niche simply because it has an extreme interest in the market. In the event that you pick a niche in which you haven’t have any learning, you will discover inconvenience at the time of writing content. Thus, your Niche ought to be comfortable with you.

– Endeavor To Make The Evergreen Content: This means to write on points that individuals will dependably be hunting down, even later on. For example relationships, smartphone accessories, loans, fashion, make money online, etc. These are a couple of things that are probably not going to change enormously over the years.

Step 2: Choose The Best Blogging Platform/Design

Indeed, you will require an expert blog design for your blog. In spite of the fact that you can really locate various online sites that enable you to utilize their free template layouts and designs. It is essential that you additionally have your very own handcraft that accommodates your blog Niche and that will make it all the more engaging.

On the off chance that you can deal with structuring and designing your very own blog. You can anyway do it without anyone’s help. However, it is wiser to hire somebody to do the designing for you (if you can afford to spend money). Yet try to tell him what you need.

It might be possible that you don’t have any cash for beginning a blog. At that point, you can utilize free services like Blogger, free WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly, etc. Now, again it gets quite difficult to select the best platform which is user-friendly and suit perfectly to your blog.

The picture below will help you in deciding the best CMS. However, we still recommend to go and search around on the web to find your personal best CMS(Control Management system).


The results are clear as WordPress is the most popular and extremely used platform in most countries.

Why Choose WordPress?

There are more than 72 million active clients utilizing WordPress today. Also, one of the principal points to use WordPress is that it is much SEO friendly than other Blogging Platforms. Here’s why:

– It’s FREE for everybody to utilize

– It is excessively simple for you to set up individually

– Exceptionally adjustable

We do recommend to not to use any free platforms or even free WordPress. Since these administrations can evacuate your blog anytime or they won’t allow you to have full control of your site/blog. If you want to continue with WordPress then do self-host your WordPress blog. This allows you to have full control to customize your blog in the way you want to.


Most of the effective bloggers begin their sites/blogs on self-hosted accounts. As there are few points of interest to this, for example, you can do promoting/advertising on your online journals, you can have a decent domain name (dislike the ones ‘www.howto-solution.blogspot.com’, which are difficult to recall), and clearly you have full control to modify it. Which are really impractical with the free ones.

So, at last, we insist to go with WordPress and just install their free software on your web hosting. And you are all set to go.

Step 3: Deciding The Best Web Hosting For Your Blog

Presently somewhat Technical Phase begins from here. But you don’t have to stress as it isn’t so confounded, and is one of the truly exciting tasks.

There are two things that you’ll need to set up your self-hosted blog with the Domain name.

1. Web Hosting- A web hosting is something that controls your site/blog. Without web hosting, you’ll not be able to utilize your Domain. Consider it a PC hard drive that stores all the files and data of your blog (pictures, blog posts, etc).

The expense of good web hosting is generally somewhere close to $5-15 every month.

2. Domain Name- The Domain name represents the name of your site/blog. This will fill in as your location or address in the online world. So individuals can locate your marvelous articles again and again.

Picking a domain name that well-speaks about your niche is important. It is additionally essential that you pick a domain name that is anything but not difficult to recall. Which enables individuals to go straightforwardly to your site/blog. On the off chance that they need something related to your niche.

In the event that you are serious about your blog, at that point, it’s prescribed to go for a ‘.com’ Domain. The expense of a Domain name is more often between $2-10/year.

The best course to take, particularly on the off chance that you intend to profit from your blog some time or another is to purchase your own Domain name and get your very own Web Hosting. It’s a generally little, yet important investment for your long haul blogging achievement.

Where To Buy Web Hosting & Domain Name?

There are truly a large number of web hosting suppliers, today. What’s more, they all offer you a comparative service (Domain + Hosting) with a generally comparable cost. A portion of the well-known web hosting organizations are:

1. InMotion Hosting

2. Blue Host

3. GoDaddy

4. Hostinger

5. HostGator

6. Network Solutions

7. HostPapa

8. Namecheap

9. DreamHost

10. HostFav

Out of all the above-mentioned list, we highly prescribe GoDaddy for purchasing Domain Name and Web Hosting.

GoDaddy | A Managed Web Hosting Solution Company for Best Value

Generally, there are few reasons when it comes to Web Hosting and why we recommend GoDaddy for it:

-> Remarkable Customer Service – GoDaddy’s Customer Service is 100% i.e. you can rest assured that the individual assisting with your site completely knows how to help. As such, in the event that you have any queries, they will help you through the whole set-up procedure.

-> Performance & Reliability – GoDaddy offices are world-class. They have their own data centers and they fabricate their very own servers.

They have Award-winning support from hosting experts, 24/7/365 | 99.9% uptime.

-> Money-Back Guarantee – GoDaddy offers a money-back guarantee, so there’s no hazard in case you alter your opinion later.

-> Great Pricing & Discounts – They offer great discounts and have good pricing plans to choose from. In Addition to using their services, GoDaddy has it’s very own affiliate program. This allows you to get commissions for referring/inviting new clients. Which truly is a marvelous arrangement.

Today, GoDaddy has around 316,000 Twitter supporters and 1,863,919 Facebook adherents out of all the Hosting organizations. Making it the most well known & most trusted Web Hosting Company.

Below is the list of Hosting plans to choose from:

WordPress Hosting Options by GoDaddy

We suggest going with the Basic plan in the initial, which you can later upgrade when you find your blog performing really well.

Do check this video below on why you should host your WordPress blog with GoDaddy:

WordPress Quick Start – the easiest way to build a WordPress site.

Since you’ve experienced the nuts and bolts of blogging platforms, it’s time to begin strolling the walk!

With the upcoming steps, we’ll get your blog set going.

Step 4: Setup & Purchase Your Hosting

This is the most important step so we insist to follow this very carefully, as in this step you’ll get to know the full process to set-up your hosting.

Toward the finish of this step, you will have a completely working self-hosted WordPress blog. However, in the event that for some reason if you prefer not to go with GoDaddy, you can generally pick another Hosting supplier. The registration and the setup procedure ought to be some degree comparative.

So, the very first thing you need to do is open your browser and visit www.godaddy.com, or you may directly visit through the link. This will open Godaddy’s official website as shown below:


Here you simply need to tap the WordPress option as shown in the above picture. It will open a mega menu list from where you have to select the WordPress Hosting option.


Just tap the Get Started Button or simply scroll a bit and you’ll see few hosting plans. You can select any plan as per your choice. However, we recommend starting with the basic plan which is more than required for starting up. Don’t panic as you can update your plan in the future.

After selecting your plan you’ll be asked to select your term length, as shown below:


You can select the term length as per your choice, however, we insist to go with 12 months plan. On scrolling a bit and you’ll find other options which asks you if you need SSL certificates (SSL are indicators for web browsers which hints search engine crawlers that your blog is safe for surfing and is malware protected) for your blog/website. This is not necessary right now so just leave those options as it is (un-selected). And hit the Continue button.


Now as you move on to the next page you’ll saw a message which says “You get a free domain with this order” which is pretty cool. In case you have purchased a domain from another supplier then you can select the option which says “I’ll pass on the freebie”.

Otherwise, type the Domain name you need to use in the text area, at that point click “search”. If the name is available, you can claim it easily. And if it’s not, just pick another.

Note: Kindly jump to the next heading of this blog which says “How To Choose Perfect Domain Name“, before selecting a domain name.


After finding an appropriate Domain name for your blog, just hit the “Select and Continue” option and proceed with the registration procedure on the site and make the payments through your Debit/Credit card.

How to Choose Perfect Domain Name

Choosing a terrible Domain name is a standout amongst the most widely recognized errors that bloggers make. Here are a couple of things to remember before purchasing Domain names:

– Pick Short/Easy names: Short names are easy to recall and suggest. Try not to pick a name that is difficult to spell or a long name loaded with dashes. It is prescribed to utilize short and catchy names as they can be remembered for long.

– Go with Dot Com(.com): Having a “.com” is dependably the best alternative since this is a global identity. However, Domain extensions like “.org” or “.net” are additionally prevalent. But “.com” is the one many people consider first, so it is prescribed to go with “.com”. Also make sure to stay away from extensions like “.rock” or “.biz”, as these are less regularly utilized, harder to remember and not as trusted.

ICANN (Domain supplier) has separated the Domain names according to the nations like “.in” for India, “.co.uk” for the UK, “.au” for Australia, etc. Such domain names are useful for focusing on one nation as it were.

– Unique and Descriptive: You need a name that reflects your identity and what you care about. Be imaginative and think of an identity you’re passionate about!

– Find a name related to your Niche: Your blog’s name must be focused on the name of your business. So think about a name that totally relates to your Niche and portrays your blog.

Now that you have selected your domain name, you can continue the process by completing your registration and making final payments done.

And guess what! You’ve finally purchased your Hosting. Now just open your e-mail which you have used at the time of registration. You might have received a confirmation e-mail from GoDaddy which says “Your Hosting is ready”, as shown below:


Just hit that beautiful orange button to sign in to your GoDaddy account, and you’ll be taken to the C-panel, from where you can actually control your blog/website.

Now there’s one more thing you need to do, which is to check your blog/website by simply entering your domain name in the address bar of your browser. If the webpage seems to appear like the picture below, then Boom! You are all set to rock.


The next step is to go and check the e-mail again where you have received another e-mail from WordPress, somewhat like shown below:


If you have received this kind of e-mail, then it’s fine otherwise, we’ll tell you another way to install WordPress then you’ll surely get one.

But now for those, who have this e-mail, they can Sign in and check their WordPress account. The login details are there in the mail itself, kindly use those to access. Or simply open the new tab and type “www.YourDomainName.com/wp-admin” in order to sign in. The Username & Password is given in the mail, kindly use those.

Note: Just replace “YourDomainName” with your blog domain name.

Now for those who haven’t received this mail, they can simply go to GoDaddy and sign-in to their account. A Page, shown below, will appear on their screen. Next is to hit the “Manage” button.


Next, click the “Cpanel Admin” on the top side of the web page and you’ll be redirected to the Cpanel account where you’ll find different tools to manage your website/blog.


Below is the picture showing how the Cpanel interface actually looks…


It’s strongly recommended not to do anything without full consideration, for now, you just need to scroll down and search for the “Web Application” section where you’ll find the WordPress Icon. Just click over it and it will ask you for some details just fill them and install WordPress, it’s very simple.


Congrats – You have installed WordPress(Almost), all alone! As should be obvious, it was extremely simple and clear.

You can now log in to your WordPress account, and in case you are not sure about how to log in. Then just scroll a bit up as there we have already explained how to do so. You can find the login credentials at your mail, so you can access them from there.

Prior to beginning further, Let’s have a brisk visit off WordPress:

The WordPress dashboard is basically the control board for your whole blog. It’s the place where you can:

a. Add usefulness to your blog

b. Compose your blog posts

c. Pick how your blog looks

And a lot of other essential actions!

As you sign in, you should see something like this:


Below, are some absolute most important regions:

A – This region is the place where you’ll compose and deal with your blog posts.

B – This region gives you a chance to make an alternate kind of substance called a “Page”. This is useful for stuff like about, home and contact pages, etc…

C – This is the place where you can control your blog design or “Theme” for your blog.

D – This is the place where you control your blog functionalities via “Plugins”.

How about going more in-depth and figure out how to design your blog on WordPress and make your absolute first post.

Step 5: Customizing The Blog

In this section we are going to learn:

1. How to change the design of the blog

2. How to make the blog Search Engine Friendly

When you log in you will be in the WordPress administrator region. This is the place you can roll out any improvements you need to your blog.

Everybody has an alternate thought of how they need their blog to look. An extraordinary aspect regarding a WordPress blog is that you can change your whole format and design with only a couple of snaps, which is entirely simple and fun.

Your blog will accompany a default theme, yet the vast majority need to pick their very own theme to make their blog extraordinary. As being prominent, WordPress offers a huge number of free and premium themes to look over.

Changing/Installing The Blog Theme

It sounds scary but is entirely simple. So in order to change the theme and install a new one you need to hover over the “Appearance” tab appearing on the left side of your WordPress Admin Panel. And then tap on “Themes”.


You’ll find a few themes already installed for you. These are some clean-looking themes that can work for pretty much any sort of blog. In case you don’t find them attractive, just click the “Add New” button at the top to begin hunting for a new one, as shown in the above picture.

You can search for free themes at WordPress.org or if you need something out of the box then you must check Themeforest.net or StudioPress or Envato. These websites are a collection of some awesome looking premium themes (paid ones).

Now search the theme by name which you have found at “WordPress.org”. And click the install button. For the premium ones, you need to upload their ZIP file and then you can install them.

Last but not least hit the “Activate” button when the theme is installed which makes your design live.


Finally, you have learned to change your blog design. However, you can take this a step further to make it look your own. Just hover over the “Appearance” tab again and click on the “Customize” option.


The specialty of a customizer is that you can change your theme using basic options in a live sandbox. However, you need to hit the “Publish” button in order to keep your changes. We do recommend to play around with the things, as it’s pretty simple and fun.

Step 6: Plugins To Start With & How To Install them

Plugins are mostly about the usefulness and to add some extra functionality to the website/blog. Just as themes are related to the design/appearance. Just like there are free and paid themes, plugins are also free and paid. You can found them easily on the WordPress.org, themeforest.net, Codecanyon.net.

Some of the widely used and most recommended plugins for bloggers to begin with:

1. Jet Pack

It is one among most versatile plugin due to its few features:

– Webpage checking (is your site up and accessible to the general population?)

– Simple to make and initiate contact formes

– Website protection (security)

– Social sharing buttons

– Picture CDN (Puts all your pictures/graphics on their server so your site stacks quicker)

– Site statistics (give you information about how well you are getting along for guest traffic)

2. WP Super Cache

This plugin will assist you in making your site quicker by serving a reserved adaptation (cached data) to your guests. This is critical as it will both specifically and in a roundabout way help your site to get more traffic from Google.

3. Elementor

The most lovely plugin of all time due to its best features. When you get the basics of blogging down and you need to begin adding incredible design, graphics, social sharing widgets, carousels, and an entire cluster of other stuff (you can tweak your entire site without knowing any coding whatsoever!), you can’t turn out badly with Elementor. It’s staggeringly simple to utilize and you’ll see it significant on your new site.

Check out this video below to get more of Elementor:

4. Yoast SEO

The Yoast Website optimization plugin will assist with a couple of increasingly significant Search engine optimization changes, and over this, you get the chance to figure out how to utilize Web optimization in your articles in an effortless manner.

5. Imagify

When you are writing articles you will undoubtedly include images/graphics, and these images are regularly the biggest parts that your site needs to stack for guests. In the event that these image files are too huge, at that point, it can truly cause issues for your stacking time. Imagify decreases and optimizes the size of these files so the site runs like lubed lighting for your guests.

6. Updraft Plus

It will assist in keeping your site backup. Despite the fact that your host will, for the most part, have a backup of your site as well as have the capacity to roll your site back on the off chance that you break something.

This plugin will deal with that by normally sending a copy of your documents to Dropbox, Google Drive, or other different administrations so you generally have the genuine feelings of serenity of realizing you will never lose the majority of your diligent work.

While there are a lot of other plugins that offer niche functionality that basically every blogger needs. For now, these ought to be sufficient to kick you off!

Note: You can use/install as many plugins as you need, however, as a rule, it is not a good practice to do as this could reduce the performance and slow your site down and may even crash your site, in certain cases. We recommend, only using plugins you really need.

How to Install Plugins

For installing plugins you simply need to hover over the “Plugins” section in your Admin Panel. And then hit the “Add new” button.


Simply type the name of the plugin, in the search bar, that you are willing to install. But for the premium ones, you need to click the “Upload Plugin” button appearing on the top. And upload the ZIP file and install it. Make sure to activate your plugins too, after installing them.

In case, you face any difficulty on how to use the plugin, then you can simply read the instruction manual.

Step 7: Adding Pages To The Blog

Pages are not the genuine ‘fascinating’ substantial content of your blog. They are bound to be the kind of thing you will discover on practically all other blogs/sites. For example, the “About Us” page, “Contact Page” or other legitimate pages such as “Terms Of Service”, “Privacy Policy”, “Disclaimer”, and so on…

Including pages give a decent standard to give visitors the data they need. Also, this lends some credibility to your blog both according to your visitors and search engines.

Now, this may resemble a bad dream to add data to your pages, for example, “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” however it is extremely very effortless. There are a few approaches to doing this for nothing (in spite of the fact that you could put resources into hiring an attorney to draw up these pages explicitly for your blog).

Simply Google “Free Terms Of Service Generator” or “Free Privacy Policy Generator” tools. There are a lot of websites that will effortlessly run you through a progression of inquiries regarding how you intend to utilize your blog. Once done, they provide a format to which you can add to your blog.

The second strategy is to utilize a WordPress plugin which will basically do a similar thing. This is somewhat simpler, however, we prescribe to keep plugins to a minimum and as a rule, go with the primary step.

How to Add New Pages To Your Blog

In order to add pages to your blog, head to WordPress dashboard and hover over the “Pages” option. Now hit the “Add New” option, as shown:


Go ahead and give the title to your page in the top box. Enter the content of your page in the text manager. Hit “Publish” when you are done, and your new page will get created.

Step 8: Creating And Publishing Your First Post

At this point, you ought to have a completely working WordPress blog on your own one of a kind domain name. Now it’s a great time to really do some blogging!

Here in this progression, we’ll figure out how to compose the blog post and furthermore share a few tips for making posts worth reading.

In this step, we’ll learn…

1. Step by Step instructions to compose a post in WordPress

2. The most effective method to include pictures, links, and text arrangement in WordPress

3. Some speedy tips for composing extraordinary content

How To Create Blog Post

To create a new post, go to the side menu of your WordPress Admin Panel and snap on “Posts”. Or you can simply hover over Posts option and select the “Add New” option.


On the Posts Page, you’ll find a default post. You needn’t bother with it. Simply remove it by clicking the “Trash” option.


To start composing a new post, click the “Add New” button on the top.


You are currently on the text editor screen. Enter the title of your post in the top box and start composing your post in the lower box.


You can save your post as a draft or publish it live by utilizing the menu appearing on the right. You can even schedule the post to publish later.


After publishing you can find all your posts in the “All Posts” section of the “Posts” tab. You can even edit it later if you wish to.

Adding Images To The Blog Post

On the off chance that you might want to add an image to your post, click on the “Add Media” button and snap on “Select Files” to upload an image from your PC. You can even make changes to the image size on the following screen. When you are all set just hit the “Insert Into Post” option to include the image.


Adding Links To Blog Post

To include a link, click on the symbol in the toolbar that looks somewhat like a chain.


Next, you’ll have to enter a couple of data for your link.


It is advised to tick the “Open Link in New Tab” option. It’s a good practice to do so as otherwise when someone clicks your link, they’ll jump off to another blog/site.

Next is to snap over the “Add Link” button, and your link will be included in your blog.

Note: Linking out with different blogs is an incredible method to build connections and offer fascinating content to the visitors. Not only it helps you in getting backlinks but it will also get you traffic from other blogs.

Changing The Fonts Style

You can also change the fonts & color of your blog text to different types such as Bold, Italic, Underline, etc…


It’s easy for anyone who has already used or worked in Microsoft Word.

Step 9: Generating Valuable Content

You must have refreshed and significant content too. Great sites/blogs are frequently those that give something valuable, something that engages and something where individuals can discover answers to their queries and issues. Therefore make sure your blog can give one or various valuable posts and ensure too that your blog contains up-to-date data.

Given beneath are a few tips that will help you in making a blog that is worth reading:

Tip 1: Post Incredible Content

You envision only a single topic and you’ll discover a large number of sites officially posted on that same topic. So a great deal of rivalry is going near and you need to guarantee that you create a readership for your blog. One of the most effortless approaches to pull in readers to visit your blog is to post great content and be clear with the idea’s that you need to make content that helps the visitors just as spotlights, by giving them what precisely they are looking for.

You have to post some extremely valuable and fantastic content that will offer the readers help or incentive to accomplish their objectives which thusly enables you to make more followers.

Besides, visitors will likewise come to know about you so you don’t need to fear to put some trace of your identity while making the posts. Along these lines, visitors will turn out to be increasingly intrigued to read your online journals.

Tip 2: Post On The Topic

Compose your posts in such a way, that each one covers only a solitary topic and sticks to it. Readers ordinarily would prefer not to invest their valuable time on the content that isn’t helpful to them and soon they turned out to be exhausted and jump to another person’s posts if you are always bouncing or drifting between topics.

So it is the best idea to make a blogging plan as per which one can convey their content in a much-sorted out way which will help them in keeping up readers, also convincing them to return back to read your future posts.

Tip 3: Post Regularly

You will kill your blog just as followers on the off chance that you don’t post for a small amount of time. People who will agree to accept the RSS channel of yours or people visiting your blog with some desire that they will get quality and new content will get dampened on the off chance that you are not posting on a regular basis as they are probably going to return multiple times in a week.

This helps you in 2 different ways. The first is that Google acknowledges crisp content and it will help you in acquiring a high position in web search engines. The second is that if visitors return to your blog regularly, they will be presented to affiliate links and ads for a number of times which thusly brings about making more income for you.

In beginning you will get a couple of challenges, yet recall that persistence is the key to achievement in blogging. Utilize these tips and begin blogging. Continue blogging until you get accomplishment in blogging.

Step 10: Driving Traffic To The Blog

So as to get traffic for your blog, you should invest some energy in promoting it, particularly when you first begin.

One of the most proven approaches to get traffic to your blog is to post links on online networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter. This is extraordinary, in light of the fact that not only do your companions see the links, however on the off chance that your companions share the connection with their companions it naturally increases your visitors. So if you have written the best content on your blog, at that point, social networking sites are an extraordinary path for your blog to become famous online.

In addition to getting new guests to your blog, you will likewise need to ensure your present users are returning. This is the place email advertising plays a major job. By gathering the email addresses of your guests (with their consent obviously), you would then be able to inform them when you post something new on your blog. This keeps individuals returning to your blog, which not just gives you more visitors over time, it additionally enables you to assemble a closer association with your users.

Read one of our articles explaining Digital marketing to Boost career, and use it for the advancement of your blog.

Step 11: Start Your Blog

All in all, what are you waiting for? You have your Domain, your Web Hosting, and WordPress setup, presently you simply need to begin composing posts. You can utilize the default theme that WordPress provides you. But you need to change the layout of your blog later, however, for the time being, simply begin writing posts.

We additionally prescribe to take help from your companions, read increasingly about your subject, focus on reading the newspaper and begin gathering the crisp and fresh thoughts regarding your subject.

You are only one stage away to open the entryway of blogging for you.

Start Blogging!

Last but not least, read this full article on how you can start generating some Online Living by blogging.

We hope you like reading this article, though it’s quite lengthy, we assure you that you’ll definitely get the benefits after reading it all. Use the comments box below to share what you feel like after reading this, if you found something missing or maybe you have any queries to ask. We will be glad to help you.


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