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How To Teach Good Manners To Children


Good manners are concerned with the thought of other individuals, not just in extending kindness but in approaching other individuals with deference. Clearly, individuals with Good Manners & Habits consider others as well as deal with their very own wellbeing and cleanliness superior to those with Bad Habits & Manners.

Manners refer to the way that somebody behaves towards other people, the way of living, habits of people from any particular class, period, etc. as we say human beings are social animals and can’t stay in isolation, we have developed certain norms or way of behavior which are acceptable in the society. These are considered to be good manners. In contrast to this fact, due to greed or hate, some people go against the acceptable norms and behave in a manner which is said to be bad manner. Since bad manners have bad effects, so none of us want our younger generation to be bad.

Good Manners additionally reach out to the external condition. Figuring out how to shake hands, make right introductions, compose thank-you letters, react to RSVP’s, react in an opportune way to telephone messages, behave, be a guest, dress for the event and dine with proper manners, these are some pleasant social aptitudes which every individual should possess.

Good Manners and basic politeness appear to be neglected nowadays – even “out of style.” We once in a while hear “please” and “thank you” in regular talk. On the off chance that your youngsters have even a small amount of good habits; they will surpass general kids.

Hence it is the most essential responsibility of each and every guardian/parent/teacher or elders to transfer and cultivate good manners to the younger generation.

Tips On How To Teach Good Manners To Your Children

1. Imitation

Early childhood that is years from two to four is the “Age Of Imitation”. The director of George Town University Centre for Child and Human Development Phyllis Magrab says that “Toddlers watch you closely and mimic how you Behave”. Behave such that you are respectful, kind and thankful to yourself and others.

Teach your youngsters the value of speaking to one another with benevolence and care. Speak to one another with respect and show basic civility – even at home, so that when your children imitate, you feel proud of their behavior.

2. Encourage And Reinforce

Children should be taught to use magical words such as sorry, please, thank you and welcome. Whenever they show good behavior they must be encouraged and reinforced to do the same.

Motivation and encouragement work magically with human behavior. It’s a proven fact by various behaviorists like B.F. Skinner and E. Pavlov.

3. Games and Sports

Games are more than organized sport. It is a daily routine for children where children develop social skills, collaboration, teamwork, learn to face failures and learn to be humble when winning. This behavior subconsciously becomes habits of children. They learn how to respect others. How not to cheat to win. Winning and losing are part and parcel of life.

4. Harmonious Family Bonding

Family harmony is extremely important for a growing child. Plan time for the family members and close relatives. Go to the trips and family gatherings and let the children interact with the society around rather than restricting them to T.V. and mobile. Prefer living in a joint family, if not possible at least be in touch with the family members. There must be a good relation amidst husband and wife so that they can nurture children in a better way.

5. Emotional Hygiene

We take care of our physical health and sometimes mental too but what about emotional health? Parents/teachers/guardians should take care of the emotional health of younger ones too as it directly affects the behavior and repetitive behavior is the reason for habit formation. The good the emotional health the good the behavior and vice-versa.

6. Have Involvement In A Child’s Life

No matter how parents are busy in their lives, day to day chores. They must make a point to be involved in their child’s life. Know who are the friends of their child, how the child is doing at school, all these are small things which every parent need to check. Have a short chat with the child daily. It will create confidence in the child towards you and what you say him/her to do.

7. Speak With Respect

Talking with respect essentially implies: Consider your words before they leave your mouth! Speak kind words and address others the manner in which you need to be addressed. Straightforward basic courtesy and… The Golden Principle: Treat others the manner in which you need to be treated.

8. Consider The Requirements Of Others Before Your Own

In this “Selfish” society, it’s difficult to teach children to consider others. In the event that we pursue this standard (think about the needs of others), everybody will pay special mind to the interest of others and all will be cared.

9. Say “Sorry” When Essential and Expand Forgiveness

Nobody is perfect nor expected to be perfect. Allow imperfections and extend elegance and forgiveness to other people. As a parent, be eager to say “Sorry” when necessary and concede your mistake. This will display vulnerability to your youngsters, show humility, and set up for forgiveness and effortlessness. Be happy to say “Sorry” and on the other side, to offer forgiveness – as both builds a structure to a quiet soul.

10. Teach Your Kids To Get After Themselves

Every individual is in charge of their things and activities.

– On the off chance that you take something out, put it back.

– If you turn something on, then switch it off.

By doing this, you are showing your children responsibility regarding their activities and how to regard others by cleaning their own wreckage.

11. Teach To Behave In Public

Again, great displaying of this will complete a ton of the instructing for you. Utilize a suitable language. Exhibit volume control with your voice and feelings. Respond well and quick when addressed. Refrain talking during a church gathering, movies or other open exhibitions. Try not to push or rush in public place or transport. All these are basic manners.

Having good habits and manners and rehearsing normal graciousness truly separates people; yet, it is so extremely basic and do-able. Give your children a kick start by instructing them to be gentlemen.

“Good manners will carry you where money won’t go”

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