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How to transform yourself from Loser to Winner

how to transform yourself from losers to winners

In ancient times, there used to be a Gurukul (educational institute) where many pupils live with guruji (the master). Once upon a time, the master ordered all the pupils to fetch up water from a nearby river into the buckets made with bamboos in order to clean and wash the Gurukul premise.

All the pupils got surprised to listen to that strange task – How is it possible to fill water into a bucket made with bamboo. However, all pupils picked up the bucket and went towards the river to accomplish the given task. When they dipped the bucket into the river and then picked it upward all the water flowed out of the buckets into the river from the gaps of bamboo buckets.

Finally, All the pupils came back except for one named ‘Devwrat’. All pupil told their obstacle of the task to their master. But, Devwrat kept on filling up the bucket continuously again and again.

Water gets flowed out then he filled it up back again. He continued to do so till the evening. Till evening, the bamboos of his bucket swollen by soaking water and the gap and holes between them got vanished. He became very happy and came back to his Gurukul. The master appreciated him seeing bucket full of water and taught the lesson of ‘secret to success’ to all the pupils – ” Every next to impossible target can be achieved by wisdom, patience, will power/strong determination and regular hard work.

This is an example and lesson to those who want to be great out of an ordinary common person. It is the difference between the winners and the losers, success, and failure.

Wisdom – means the knowledge which comes from the ultimate universal divine supreme power.

Patience – means the property which keeps us alive, aware and optimistic.

Will power or strong determination – teaches us hard work, the never-give-up nature, and determination towards our work is the only way to succeed.

how to transform yourself from loser to winner

If we make a promise to ourselves with strong determination that we will make the picture of our future full of pleasure,  comfort,  prosperous, painless. Your present and future will change like this in reality because if we think of a golden future,  we are making it beautiful indeed and as per our thoughts our whole life took shape likewise golden and beautiful.

Be optimistic about your beautiful, successful and pleasant future.

Recently, a middle-aged employee got fired from the job in a big reputed company. The reason being, he was asking for a fourfold salary of his actual salary. He has been serviced that company for 22 years. He did hard work and has been loyal and honest to the company. He has tried his best for the productivity profitability of that company. Even though he was drawing a very low salary. He blames the company to exploit him, injustice treatment has been done to him. Now he is working in a small private firm at half the salary as compared to that previous company.

You will say that it is completely injustice, he serviced that firm for 22 years and in return, he has been exploited there. But it is not the full picture and truth. Any company concerned about its profit and loss, and cannot fire a smart, productive employee all of a sudden. Indeed, all business institutions are always ready to pay better than the best package to a productive, skilled and smart worker. Then why it happened to him, the only reason was –  he could not have been able to prove himself as a compulsory and dependable part to that firm. In this long period, any other person would have developed his qualifications, efficiency, skills, business understanding and management ability & could be at a higher position in that firm or would be the partner of the company. That person did not develop his skills regularly and updated himself. Finally, he has to lose his job.


The bitter truth is that, the person himself fallen down. he could not be able to modify,  update and develop himself according to the time and job. if he analyzed truly then he will find the cause of his failure within him only. He loves himself that’s why he blames the company for his fall down in order to keep himself happy and satisfied.

So, ‘ keep try and try again’  even after failure. Just like, the bucket made up of bamboos having many holes got filled with water finally. Impossible becomes possible. failures are the milestone in the path of success. each failure takes us closer to success. Every failure makes you more strong, experienced and wise. Failures teach us the fact of life.

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