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Instagram And Facebook Down Worldwide, People Face Trouble Logging In – News

Social networking platforms Instagram and Facebook were down on Thursday night. People had trouble logging in. Users faced trouble loading photo videos and news feeds. At the same time, users from all over the world, including India, had trouble using both Instagram and Facebook on Android and iOS. They were unable to refresh on these platforms. Also, they were neither able to send messages nor share photos.

According to the down detector, this technical glitch occurred around 11 pm. This is a site that tracks all outages. Many users wrote about the problems of social sites on Twitter, as well as their problems with Facebook and Instagram being stalled using the hashtags #instagramdown and #facebookdown.

At the same time, many users were registering their objections on Twitter. One user wrote that he was delayed in uploading the photo to Facebook and was getting an error on Facebook Live. Some Instagram users wrote that nothing is coming too long to refresh the news feed.

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