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Latest Technology that will Rise in Future

If you are aware of the technologies which are being used nowadays then definitely you would have listened or came to know about artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). In this article, we are about to learn about some of these latest technologies that will rise in the future and new innovations in technology.

No doubt in this that these two technologies are hot in the tech industry and they are the technology of the future, but there’s a lot more to know about these trending technologies and also we have few more upcoming emerging tech giants for you.

It’s really early but I think we’re on the edge of a golden era,’ Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told Reuters.

Which tech industry is going to be the next big thing? What should we do for better job opportunities? So let’s start with the first.

1. Artificial Intelligence

what is artificial-intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the making of intelligent machines that can take decisions according to the situation like humans.

AI is one of the largest growing technology in the industry and if we talk about job opportunities, it is the highest paying job in the current era. Most people think AI is all about robotics but actually, they are not 100% wrong, robotics is AI but AI is not only robotics. Robotics is an example of artificial intelligence or we can say that the robot is just an Artificial Intelligent machine.

**Most intelligent robot is Honda’s Asimo**

Some of the examples other than robotics that we can see in our daily life are:

  • Social Media Feeds
  • Google Assistance
  • Music & Media Streaming Services like Netflix, Youtube
  • Video Games
  • Smart Cars and Drones

and many such examples are present which can be seen around us.

2. Machine Learning

machine-learning for data analysis Machine Learning

Another exciting emerging technology is machine learning. Machine learning is the second term in the journey of knowing the latest technology that will rise in 2019. It is an ability of the computer to learn at its own by analyzing data and patterns.

Machine learning can be defined as a subset of artificial intelligence.

It is being used nowadays in industries to analyze user’s behavior and customers buying patterns. The machine learning model learns by their past experience and improves it’s accuracy when it is provided by more data.

Machine Learning in Advertisement

The method of advertisement today has become more intelligent than before. Now advertisers know that there is no need to show you the products in which you are not interested, they only show you the products in which you are interested(this method is called recommendation engine). This is possible only because of machine learning. Apart from the use of ML in advertisements, there is a vast range of applications based on ML are present.

Machine Learning for Data

In the upcoming time data is going to be the most important thing in companies. Data is used by companies to improve the quality of their products, improve user experience and there are many more objectives of ML in companies.

Jobs in Machine Learning

Job opportunities in this sector are quite high but getting a job in this field requires a lot of experience. Job experience can be gained by working at junior positions in the company for data analytics work. Without experience, there is a very thin chance of getting Machine learning jobs directly.

3. Virtual Reality(VR)

what is virtual- reality, how virtual reality works Virtual Reality

The term Virtual Reality is about experiencing things or objects through computers which really don’t exist. There are devices through which you experience virtual reality. It has been popular in the gaming industry from the past few years, but it is now adopted by many other industries to increase user interaction.

Even it is being implemented by educational institutions as it is well known that learning is more effective by watching as compared to reading. VR helps the student to learn through experiencing things.
Gaming and simulation are the main markets of virtual reality.

Now the question is whether virtual reality is going to stay? and how it will affect the current gaming market?

According to a report released in the United States, In 2012 the virtual reality market was about $450 million and it is predicted to reach about $6 billion by 2019. Not only in the USA it is going to change the whole gaming market in the next few years.

Now let’s talk about the most interesting thing, apart from watching videos, these are the games you can play on VR.

The games you can play on VR

  1. Need for speed no limits VR
  2. Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission
  3. Minecraft VR
  4. The climb
  5. Werewolves Within up and many more

Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR are the two most trending VR headsets but before buying you should know whether your mobile support these headsets or not?

Google cardboard is another VR headset for those whose mobile is not supported on Google daydream or Samsung gear or they don’t want to spend much on a VR headset.

3. Leap Motion

what is leap-motion Leap Motion

It is an American Company that manufactures computer sensor that can sense hands and fingers movement and take this movement as an input to the computer. According to the movement of your fingers computer takes appropriate action. It is a small USB device connects with your computer(Mac OR Windows) and start sensing your actions.

Leap motion is a next-generation emerging tech of interacting with a computer or laptop. With this technology your type, click or swipe your screen with just a wave of your hand. So for sure, this technology is going to rise in 2019.

5. BlockChain

what-is -blockchain Block Chain

Blockchain is a growing list of data(called block) which is linked by the cryptography technique. Each block in the blockchain has the hash value of the previous block, time and data. It provides resistance to the changes made in any block which makes it very secure. It is mostly used in cryptocurrency transactions but it is implementing in other industries also.

With the increasing popularity of blockchain technology job opportunities in this sector is also growing

From Where It Begins:

Before it was used in cryptocurrency (like bitcoin), it was being used in cryptography and as a data structure. Blockchain uses the concept of a hash tree, also known as the Merkle tree. This method was used for verifying data and handling data between computer systems. Blockchain makes sure that nothing has changed or altered during data transfer and also ensure that the data sent was correct. In one line, it is used to maintain the integrity of the data being shared.

In 1991, the blockchain was started to be used in the creation of a secured chain of blocks. These blocks are nothing but a series of data records, each record is connected one after another where the first block is called genesis block. Every block in the chain contains 3 things:

  • Data value
  • Hash code of the current block
  • Hash code of the previous block

what is block chain block chain working

What is hash code?

Hash codes are just an encoded version of a data object. The encoding of the data object is done by the hash function.

For example let us assume our hash function is: replace a with 1,  b with 2 and so on. Then the name ‘apple’ can be encoded as 1 16 16 12  5.

hashing process using hash function, what is hash function hashing process

Finally, in 2008, distributed chain blockchain came into existence which becomes the root cause for the evolution of cryptocurrencies.

Is it secured?

As I told you earlier, every block in the blockchain contains data, current hash, and previous block hash. If anyone tries to tamper data of a block then it causes to change the current hash of that block.

block chain blocks, how block chain works. blocks of blockchain what is blockchain? Latest technologies that will rise in future Tampering in blockchain

Now due to this change in hash code, the new hash code will not match with the previous block hash code of the next block. Due to this reason, entire blockchain will become invalid and tampering will not be implemented on the blockchain.

There is a lot more stuff which we try to add soon. Hope you do like the article, and if you have any doubts or want to share something then feel free to contact us or you simply comment below.

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