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New Zealand Moving Towards Victory Over Coronavirus, No Patients In 4 Days – News

For the first time in New Zealand, there has been no reported case of infection with the coronavirus for the first time in the last five weeks, which has led to the hope that the epidemic that started last month in Auckland has subsided. With this, Friday was the fourth consecutive day when there were no cases of COVID-19 patients at the community level. The cases that have come up recently are those who returned from abroad and were living in seclusion.

However, the authorities have not informed the source of the pandemic that emerged in August, which is believed to be imported. Significantly, the lockdown was temporarily imposed in Auckland as New Zealand is working on a strategy to eradicate the virus at the community level. So far, only 1,800 Covid-19 patients have been reported in New Zealand, out of which 25 people have died.

How New Zealand Controlled Coronavirus?

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s leadership to overcome Corona is being praised everywhere. She informed the people daily about the situation in the lockdown and assured them to deal with the virus by following the lockdown strictly. Professor Michael Baker explains that New Zealand took bold and tough decisions from the beginning.

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He said that in the beginning, a very strict lockdown was imposed. Completely sealed its borders and focused on health systems. As a result of this, the situation of the economy is staggering in many countries, but New Zealand has managed to keep the unemployment rate at 4 percent.

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