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PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update launched and hits 400 million downloads


Tencent Gaming is celebrating its most recent achievement with PUBG Mobile hitting 400 million downloads and flaunting 50 million active day by day clients. To praise the event, the game has discharged new update for PUBG Mobile on 12th June 2019 that has hit the Google Play store and Apple Application store. The update possesses a size of 1.98 GB for Android smartphones and 2.45 GB for iOS.

On the off chance that you haven’t downloaded the PUBG mobile new update, simply head over to the Google Play store or Apple Application Store and download the PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 update.

The PUBG Mobile new update acquires a lot of new features including a Godzilla theme, new Bizon weapon, new skins, and apparel, Kar98k skin in the gun lab, changes to Survive Till Dawn zombies mode and above all, the 4v4 deathmatch mode which should add another measurement to the battle royale game.

The new update additionally includes separate control settings for first and third individual modes. There are an improved outsider cheat application prevention framework and a new cheating behavior detection system. Outwardly, players will currently have the option to utilize the exclusive Godzilla: King of the Monsters theme in the lobby room and limited themed events.


Some Other Patch Notes of PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update

– Included MVP feature system toward the finish of each match. All players will get a default MVP pose. The best 3 players in Classic mode or the MVP of the winning squad in 4v4 deathmatch will be included.

– Included a separate button for climbing (can be enabled in the settings)

– Included new prevalence gift and ranking prize. Consistently, the best 100 players in the rundown may gather the title All-time Popularity or Recent Popularity.


– In Vikendi, players will presently leave footmarks, trails and tire tracks on the snow.

– At the point when knocked/killed by a teammate, the players can choose if that player ought to lose merit or not.

– The old zombies have been supplanted by 4 sorts of new zombies.

– Certain zombies currently have new abilities, Tanks will empower close-by partners. Skinners can slow close-by players.


– Fluid Nitrogen grenades presently abandon a cloud of solidifying smoke on the ground for a significant period after the blast, diminishing the movement speed of any unit in the zone.

– Another factory has supplanted the police headquarters.

– Protective armors are presently 25% progressively durable. However, their effectiveness stays unaltered.

– Players who have enrolled for Crew Challenge will presently get a notice 10 minutes before a match begins.


– Event Center presently has improved interactions and better instructional exercises for the event missions

– Added a latency marker to the main screen. Green, yellow, and a red marker will show a decent, normal, or terrible connection.

– Players would now be able to gather all prizes from day by day missions, progress missions and achievements at the same time.

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