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PUBG Mobile Launched New Website Especially For India – News

PUBG Mobile is arguably one of the most popular titles worldwide and enjoys a vast player base that religiously plays the game. But the last two months have not been particularly great for PUBG Mobile fans in India, as it was banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. 

The fans and players have since eagerly been waiting for the game’s comeback in the country, and developments over the past few days have provided them with reasons to rejoice.

On Thursday, PUBG Corporation, in a statement, said it is preparing for the release of a unique Indian version that would reflect the needs and preferences of the local players.

The new version would be slightly different from the global version in terms of the game content.

PUBG Mobile Launches New Website For India

PUBG Mobile Launched New Website for india

In the latest development, PUBG Mobile has launched a new website for India. Users can also click here to visit the website.

The site only features social media posts by PUBG Mobile India and links to its social media handles and YouTube channel. It doesn’t make any new revelations about the game’s comeback date, and only a coming soon message is displayed.

With these new developments, fans and the players are excited more than ever and are eagerly waiting for the game’s arrival.

PUBG Mobile Teases The Indian Version

Earlier today, PUBG Mobile, on its social media handles, shared clips of an advertisement/trailer of the Indian version of the game. These videos featured famous PUBG Mobile personalities Jonathan, Kronten, and Dynamo.

Like the website, they did not provide any details. Players can watch it below: