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PUBG Mobile Relaunch: Good News For PUBG Fans, As The Game Will Soon Be Relaunched In India – News

PUBG Mobile developers have announced that they will launch a new game for Indian players called PUBG Mobile India. PUBG Mobile was banned by the Government of India in September and at the same time, PUBG Corporation announced that it would withdraw the PUBG Mobile franchise from Tencent Games in Shenzhen, India.

Just to inform you that the game company announced that the game’s access to India will be discontinued for players from October 30, but the game can still be accessed by many people, who installed it on their Android and iOS devices already.

PUBG Corporation has announced that the company is preparing to launch a new game called PUBG Mobile India, which is “specifically designed for the Indian market.” The new game will assure data security for players and follow local regulations. PUBG Corporation also says that there will be regular audits and verification on the storage system, which will ensure that Indian players’ personal information is protected.

Developers have also shared that they will improve in-game content and adapt it to “local requirements”. These changes include a virtual simulation training ground setting, new character clothing, and green hit effects instead of red. It will also add a feature to limit playing time for younger players.

In addition, PUBG Corporation plans to set up a local office, where it will employ more than 100 employees to enhance communications and services with players. Not only this, PUBG Corporation and parent company Krafton are planning to invest $ 100 million i.e. around 7.4 billion rupees to promote “local video game, e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries” in India.

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