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Rafale Fighter Jets Thunders Over Ladakh Before Meeting At LAC – News

News National Rafale Fighter Jets Thunders Over Ladakh Before Meeting At LAC

Rafale Fighter Jets Thunders Over Ladakh Before Meeting At LAC

The ongoing India and China standoff doesn’t seem to stop. On the outskirts, China is doing such activities that the LAC environment has become very hot. China’s military wanted to intimidate India by showing its military strength, but India’s retort has tied China’s belligerents. In front of the might of the Indian jawans, the PLA of China descended even to play songs. Now the Chinese army is going to tremble even more. Because of the country’s latest fighter jets, Rafale Fighter Jets are now flying in the skies above Ladakh.

China Is Playing Tricks In Ladakh

In some areas of eastern Ladakh, there is a constant tension going on between India and China. On Sunday, defense sources said some Mirage aircraft were seen flying along the border. The Air Force introduced the Rafale aircraft at a function held at the Ambala Airforce station on September 10. Earlier in late July, five Rafale Fighter Jet Aircrafts from France reached Ambala.

Rafale Fighter Jets In Ladakh Hills

According to sources, Rafale pilots flew planes from Ambala to Ladakh. Actually, it was done as a practice, so that Rafale pilots become familiar with the weather and atmosphere there. So in case, if China does any kind of guile and we need Rafale, its pilots are already familiar with this environment.

Rafale Travel Up To 750-1650 Km

4.5-generation Rafales range from 780-km to 1,650 km without mid-air refueling. It depends on the individual operation. In addition, these aircraft have been equipped with long stand-off weapons such as long-range ‘scalp’ which cruise missiles over 300 kilometers from air-to-ground.

Rafale Can Prove To Be A Strong Competitor

When the Rafale Fighter Jets were introduced in the Air Force, Indian Air Force Chief RKS Bhadauria said that they have been introduced at the right time. These will increase the strength of the Indian Air Force. He also said that wherever the Golden Arrows (Rafale Swadron) would be deployed, they would always outnumber the enemy. There were reports that China has deployed fighter aircraft at several airports falling in the Tibetan region, due to which it is necessary for India to take such a step.

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Rafale Aircraft At The Forefront

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had said that the incorporation of the game-changing Rafale was a strong message for the world and especially for those who challenged India’s sovereignty. On July 29, five Rafale aircraft reached the Ambala airbase from France. After this, Rafale’s trial was on during day and night in different areas including the hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh.

All 36 Rafales are expected to visit India by 2022, as under a deal of Rs 59,000 crore with France in September 2016. Equipped with a 22-km strike range, ‘scalp’ missiles, and other weapons, Rafale will overtake Pakistani and Chinese rivals such as the F-16, JF-17, and J-20s.

Fully Prepared Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force currently has a full line of 3,488 km long line of control along with Sukhoi-30 MKI, Mirage-2000, MiG-29, and other fighter aircraft as well as Chinook heavy-lift and Apache attack helicopters in Ladakh.