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Stomach Pain Due To Gas: These Remedies Will Give Instant Relief Due To Gas – News

Abdominal or stomach pain is a common problem. Sometimes this pain starts suddenly and you start thinking why is this happening? Even after thinking for a long time, you do not know what you have eaten or drank that is causing stomach pain, while sometimes you get to know what is causing you stomach gas. Here we have a few home remedies that will give you instant relief from stomach ache.

Symptoms Of Stomach Gas Pain

If the question is coming in your mind that how to find out that the pain in the stomach is due to gas, then the answer is that whenever there is pain due to gas, it is not in any place in the stomach.

Gas means air and air has a nature that it does not stay at any one place. Due to this, you will experience pain due to gas either in the entire stomach or sometimes in one part of the stomach and shortly after in the other part of the stomach.

During the pain caused by gas, the stomach feels bloated and very tight. Gas pain is not necessarily limited to your stomach. It can also reach other parts of the body. During this type of pain, if the belching or air passes, then the person gets relief in pain.

In the pain caused by gas, the process of passing air or belching can also continue continuously. This happens when there is too much gas in the stomach.

Why Gas Forms In The Stomach?

Our body is made up of five elements. They are also called Panchamabhutas. These include water, air, fire, sky, and earth. If all these elements remain in a balanced state in the body, then you also feel healthy and energetic.

But if for any reason there is a problem in the balance of these elements, then different kinds of pain starts in the body. For example, when there is excess air, there is a problem of pain.

When you eat food, the body emits air or gas during digestion. There is no problem if this gas, produced during digestion, gets out of the body in the form of Dakar or Fart. But if for any reason this gas remains in the body, then it causes pain.

Home Remedies For Stomach Ache Due To Gas

1. If you are having pain due to gas in the stomach, then you should wash 5 to 6 leaves of green mint and chew it slowly with black salt and eat it. Within a few minutes, you will pass air and get relief from pain.

2. Celery seeds can help you overcome the problem of stomach gas. Take 1/4 teaspoon celery and eat it with lukewarm water. After this, lie on the left-hand side for 10 to 15 minutes. You will get relief and the pain will go away.

3. Asafoetida can help you in relieving the pain caused by stomach gas. You take two pinch asafoetida and dissolve it with a few drops of water and make it a liquid. Now take a little cotton and soak it in the liquid and lay it down in the navel. You will get relief soon.

4. Take 1/4 teaspoon celery seeds (celery seeds), the same amount of sugar, and 1 pinch of black salt. Mix these things in half a glass of water. Now squeeze half a lemon juice and drink it. You will be relieved. But keep in mind that you should try this recipe only in the summer season. In winter, use lukewarm water instead of plain.

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