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Story Of Kesari Movie: The Battle of Saragarhi

The latest film Kesari starring Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra have been allegedly leaked just a day after its release. Many illegal sites are still running which always try to leak the latest movies to gather traffic on their website.

The film which is based on the Battle of Saragarhi, in which 21 Sikh fighters of the British India Army battled against 10,000 Afghan innate warriors had released recently and is accessible now on sites like Tamilrockers for download.

This isn’t the first Bollywood film which has been leaked online as movies like ‘Simba’, Total Dhamaal’, ‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi’ and numerous others had turned into the casualty of online theft. While the film industry is attempting their best to stop online robbery however nothing has worked for them.

Meanwhile ‘Kesari’ is doing well at the box office with a terrific opening on its first day itself and is supposed to increase with the coming end of the week.

The story of Kesari: The Battle of Saragarhi

21 Sikhs of 36 Sikh Regiment of the British Indian Army were positioned at Saragarhi as a part of Tirah campaign. These men were headed by Havildar Ishar Singh and Akshay Kumar will be found in this role.

Havildar Ishar Singh leads the 21 Sikhs and defeated 10000-strong army of Pashtun fighters. This war is considered as one of the biggest war of Indian history.

In a recent interview, Akshay Kumar also said that it is sad that we Indians don’t know much about this historic war.

“It is sad that the British celebrate Saragarhi Day, remembering the martyrs of the war, but we Indians do not know much about it.”

Knowing that 10000 soldiers are waiting outside to kill them and still they went to fight against them shows the bravery of 21 Sikhs.

It is very sad that this great incident lost in the pages of history. It is even hard to imagine how 21 Sikhs stood strong against 10000 soldiers.

In September 1897, a group of 21 Sikhs soldier was at Fort(at Saragarhi) the saw Afghan soldier at a far distance coming towards them. They need more soldiers to fight with the huge amount of Afghan soldiers but they hold on the fort and decide to face them. After the attack from Afghan soldiers, they started firing from a single loaded 0.303 caliber rifle. They aim very accurately and hard, Afghan soldiers were stunned after seeing the casualties and try to handle the situation with peace. They offer the Sikhs a safe passage to go back but the leader of the Khalsa warrior Havildar Ishar Singh refused and decided to fight and the war continues.

After that Afghan soldiers try another tactic, they set the shrubs on fire and try to smoke the soldiers out but this also doesn’t work and yet Havildar Ishar Singh and his men held on. Low on ammunition, they again ask British force for help and none arrive. He told his soldiers to go back secure last line of defense and he himself with a gun and a sword started fighting with one after other Afghan soldiers.

A 19-year-old soldier joins the battle. One after the other, the brave Sikh slashes the invaders, killing nearly 20 of them.

All Sikhs soldier died but before dying the 21 Sikh soldiers killed around 600 Afghan tribesmen. After some time British force takes the command and win the battle of Saragarhi.

After winning the battle the British government honored all the 21 Sikh soldiers with ParamVeer Chakra and also the celebrate Saragarhi Day on the honor of the martyred soldiers.

Watch the full story of the battle of Saragarhi in this video: