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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Died Of Cancer, Trump Paid Tribute – News

Justice of the Supreme Court of America, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, died on Friday at the age of 87. She was suffering from serious cancer disease. Ruth Beder is considered a pioneer of women’s rights and social justice. Ginsberg was the second woman to reach the post of judge in the US top court. She advocated complete gender equality and her fame was that of a cautious and restrained judge. On her death, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Robert said that our country has lost the justice of historical stature. We lost a beloved partner in the Supreme Court. Today we are heartbroken, but with confidence that the coming generation will remember Justice Ruth Beder Ginsburg as we know – as a tireless striving and tenacious woman for justice.

Significantly, Ginsburg was nominated to the US Supreme Court as a judge by the Democratic Party President Bill Clinton. She was in this position for almost 27 years and suffered from cancer for some years. Ginsberg died less than 50 days before the presidential election on November 3. This is expected to open a new front between President Donald Trump and his rival Democratic Party candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.

What Did Donald Trump Say?

President Trump said that whether you agree with him or not, she was a wonderful woman who lived a wonderful life. Former President Barack Obama called Ginsburg a relentless petitioner and decisive jurist. Meanwhile, the Hill newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying that the leadership of the Republican Party in the Senate is hoping that Trump will name Circuit Judges Amy Kone Barrett and Amul Thapar for the post.

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