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Type of human relationships and relationship solutions


A relationship is a vital force in human life without which life is a barren land. There are many types of human relationships which are important for happiness and healthy life. It is a standout amongst the most critical areas of human life since it is straightforwardly associated with human behavior. And without human behavior and emotions, life is just soulless idol without any energy and feelings.

It is a common observation that in our daily life most of the people deals with one or more type of behavior (complex, introvert, extrovert, rational, irrational etc.). What’s more, these kinds of behavior are straightforwardly in charge of setting up an alternate sort of connections, for example, marriage, dating, social and working, kinship, and so forth. As every human being in this world depends on others for his/her well being and survival. As it is a well-known fact that human beings are basically social animals. So these relationships play a very vital role in his/her existence and growth.


Types of Human Relationship

Human relationships are broadly categorised into two groups – ‘Informal relationships’ and the other is ‘Formal relationships’.

Informal Relationships

Developed between two persons on the basis of close connections between them. Some of the common informal relationships are Family, Partner, Friend, Relative, Acquaintance etc… The Family should be considered the fundamental unit of our society. In which the guardians including mother and father promotes or supports the emotional, intellectual, social and physical growth of a child from his/her birth to adulthood.

Partner is a person who is associated with another or others in an undertaking or an area of common interest esp. in business choose to operate socially and economically as more than one individual.

Formal Relationships

Relationships having unique and special obligations and attributes and to establish them a legal structure is required to ratify it. Member, union(including marriage), employer, employee, owner etc. are some example of such relationships.

Marriage is one of the best examples of union which is a Union of a man and his wife.

To develop and maintain a happy and healthy relationship is not an easy task and if a person is unable to maintain a healthy relationship with others then certain types of problems are created in relationships which may cause relationship breakdown and repair.

At the time when a person finds him/herself miserable to maintain a healthy relationship with other(s) it is necessary for the affected person to follow some extremely useful solutions for relationship problems to get rid of such situations.

Solutions for Relationship Problems: Relationship Repair Tips

Regardless of whether your relationship needs immediate repair or you essentially need to improve your relationship. Pursue these four steps to fix your relationships :

Step 1: Try to stay mentally present & listen when your partner speaks. Open your heart and take down your defenses. It’s not about defending yourself, however, trying to understand your partner & figuring out how to satisfy each other’s needs.

Step 2: Focus on what feelings you have when you observe him/her feeling this way.

Step 3: The next step is to commit to intentional action to address your partner’s needs and concerns. When your partner sees that you take his/her concerns seriously, then he will be more likely to feel valued and respected.

Step 4: Make space in your life to purposely reconnect with the cherishing sentiments you have for your accomplice. Regardless of late connections that might have made you feel distant or angry. Think of the good qualities he/she has that originally attracted you to him.

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