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WhatsApp Launches Amazing Feature, Fake News Will Be Caught In The Pinch

whatsapp fake news tool new feature

WhatsApp is continuously working on fake news on its platform. To prevent fake news, WhatsApp first limited forwarding, then began to label it, ie if a message is being forwarded repeatedly, it will get two arrow marks.

WhatsApp has now introduced a new tool called the search tool to stop fake news. WhatsApp has partnered with Google for this feature. The company has given information about this new feature of WhatsApp in its blog.

Now the question is how this feature will work. Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you have a news item with a link, then on the right side of that link you will see a button with a search icon that Google will open as soon as you click on it and you will get many links related to that news.

In such a situation, you will know whether the news is fake or not. If the WhatsApp team has fact-checked that news earlier, then you will also get its link.

This feature of WhatsApp has gone live in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, UK, and USA. There is currently no news of its launch in India. This feature will work on all three versions of Android, iOS, and Web.

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