Would you like to figure out How to Play Guitar? In the event that you are simply starting to learn guitar at home, it tends to be very confusing to realize where to begin, and what to play straight away. Learning guitar ought to be a fun experience and you can figure out how to play some impressive-sounding things regardless of whether you as of now have zero music experience.

Whatever the case, what prevents most people from progressing past the dream is the perception that being a decent guitarist takes years of training and working with costly instructors to completely build up their skills. Moreover, there is the conviction that unless if you have the crude ability inside you, you will never truly learn how to play guitar.


If you can find the right guitar tutorials that are additionally presented in order, your guitar playing can improve rapidly.

Playing guitar requires nothing but a regular 15-20 min daily dedication with the right techniques. As there is a saying that:

“Don’t leave your guitar for one month
then the guitar will not leave you”

If you are planning to start learning a guitar but confused about what to do and where to do? No worries we are here with step by step guide/instructions to help you learn guitar at home.

Tips On Learn How To Play Guitar At Home

1. Picking Up The Right Guitar


There are many types of guitar available in the market. But for beginners, semi-acoustic guitars are the right one. As you can play it with or without amplifier (Speakers) attached to it.

But before buying a guitar it is suggested to borrow and learn to play someone else guitar, if possible. Or you can go to the cheapest guitar coaching so that you can get an idea about the guitar and the efforts you need to put in to play guitar.

There are a lot of people who buy a guitar but don’t play it for years. As when they try to play they feel and realize that playing guitar is not their cup of tea. So make sure you are not one of them, else you’ll found your guitar tasting the sand somewhere in the corner of your house.

In case if you are planning to buy guitar then be ready to spend at least 3-4k (60-70$ U.S.D) for a good quality beginners guitar. If possible, then accompany yourself with a person who knows about guitars and how to play guitars, as he can help you with finding the right guitar.

2. Learn About Guitar


Guitar has mainly 5 parts:

(i) Fretboard (Consists of ‘Frets’) – It is a board having different “Frets” where you change the sound of the guitar by playing different musical notes using the left hand. Frets are the boxes on the Board (Fretboard). Counting of the frets is done from left to right.


(ii) Head – The topmost part of the guitar where six strings are tied to six keys (basically known as tuners) is the head of the guitar.


(iii) SoundBox – It is the place from where all the sound comes. When you play guitar, strings vibrate and the sound goes into the soundbox then comes out in a loud manner.


(iv) Bridge – The opposite end of the head where strings are tied permanently using a string holder, is the bridge. Its purpose is to hold the strings and enable us to play guitar. If you want to remove string you need to detach the string holder first.


(v) The Nut – The part where string attached just after the head is called Nut. It enables the guitar to adjust the distance between the strings.


3. Learn To Tune The Guitar


As every machine including the human body requires daily maintenance so the same is for your guitar strings too.

All acoustic guitars commonly name the strings from 1 to 6, starting with lower thinnest string to uppermost string. It means the lower thinnest string is the 1st string and then counting begins from the bottom.

6th – E

5th – A

4th – D

3rd – G

2nd- B

1st – E

To Understand these names you need to know about “Musical Notes” and “Tuning“.

Musical Notes

In Music, note means a frequency of sound which is pleasant to ears when played together in a serial or permuted manner.


Strings of guitar tend to tighten or loosen by its nature of metal. So tuning of string means tightening or loosening the strings by using guitar tuners placed on the head of the guitar.

When you rotate tuner clockwise it tightens the string. And when you rotate tuner anti-clockwise it loosens the strings.

When the makers of the guitar were making a guitar, they found that when they tune these strings in notes “E B G D A E” from the bottom it gives pleasant sound. So they named each of the string according to its note which sounds pleasant.

As each of the string is mostly made of steel, aluminum, Bronze, etc… they tend to deviate from there note. So we have to tune it again to its actual defined note.

For example: If the lowermost string (1st String), deviates from its defined E note as said above, it will not sound pleasant.

Maybe you are worried about how you can identify which string is deviated from its note and how you can tune it to its particular defined note.

For this, we have different guitar tuner applications available on the Google Play store and Apple store for free. Some of them which you can try are:


Guitar Tuna

For a better understanding just refer to this video:

Video Credit – Gareth Evans

4. Learning The Basics

Once you have a tuned guitar in your hand, start learning to play guitar exercises. Exercise means different patterns of a finger moving on the fretboard.

It is not easy to understand how to practice without visualizing it, so go ahead and check this video below:

Video Credit – Center Stage Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele Academy

While exercising always remember that your fingers will be named as:

Index Finger (Pointing Finger) – 1st Finger

Middle Finger – 2nd Finger

Ring Finger – 3rd Finger

Pinky Finger – 4th Finger

And always make sure, while practicing you are only using your:

1st Finger for 1st Fret

2nd Finger for 2nd fret

3rd Finger for 3rd fret

And 4th finger for 4th Fret

Guitar Exercises is just like gyming. The more you devote time to it the more your body will get in shape. So, if you do not practice these exercises then your fingers will never be stretched properly.

5. Learning The Chords

Chords are the combination of different musical notes which sound pleasing to ears when played together. Typically in most Bollywood songs, there are 4-5 chords which need to be changing throughout the song.


You can learn more about chords in this video below:

Video Credit – GuitarLessons

Note:- The above video is just a small tutorial about some basic chords. For more such lessons kindly refer to Youtube.

6. Learning Rhythm Pattern Or Guitar Strumming


Rhythm is defined as “Beat Per Minute” in a song or “A Regular repeated pattern of Sound or Movement” in a song. You can easily identify the repeated beat pattern in any Bollywood song.

Guitar strumming is a repeated pattern of “Up and Down” strokes on your guitar. Single Down Stroke on strings is Called Down Strum. Whereas, the Single Up Stroke on strings is called Up Strum. When these strokes are played together repeatedly than they are known as “Strumming Of Guitar“.

7. Learning Guitar Scales


Scales is a set of 7 notes which sound pleasant to the ear when played in a serial or permuted manner.

Learning guitar scales enables you to reach a professional level in guitar because while learning the scale you are understanding music and by this, you can make good “Tunes” which known as “Leads” in the guitar world.

Also, make sure to pick your guitar at least 10-15 mins a day (daily), and you’ll find that in a month you’re rocking the guitar.

So keep learning and keep practicing, and there’s no day when you’ll become a pro guitarist.


  1. Great Tips here. I recently started learning guitar and was searching for tips on how can I start. Your article has helped me a lot.

    One request, If you guys could upload a more like these. Will be waiting for more.


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