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How To Earn And Make True Wealth On Deepawali Based On Swastika Sign


Deepawali is the one and only festival of Money, Wealth, Finance and Prosperity. There’s no other festival in the whole world which is celebrated by such a large number of people just to get Money, Wealth and Finance. This is the only festival that preaches us.

It is not ‘Maya’ or ‘Illusion’ to earn money and be wealthy. Many holy Hindu Vedic Scriptures message is being misinterpreted as stay away from wealth, prosperity and doesn’t make money and be dependent on God or others to feed you and fulfill your basic necessities. But it is not the correct message conveyed to you. An Indian Hindu Festival actually teaches and instructs us to earn money. Moreover, it also teaches “How to make money”. What should be our business policies, how to keep accounts and maintain proper bookkeeping like balance-sheets, profit & loss account, etc. Thus, it is our duty to earn enough amount of money.

In a business or job, there’s also an exchange of giving and taking. Just like good and evil actions or ‘Karmas’, like income-expenditure, asset-liability, profit-loss, debit-credit, etc maintained in account book-keeping. Similarly, there is also account book-keeping that occurs in each and every action (Karmas) throughout our life. It could be either beneficial, profitable, possessing goodwill or in loss, doubtful, possing bad reputation also. So, each person should observe his/her actions whatsoever he/she is doing or avoiding. Because of each and every action is being maintained in the account of his ‘Destiny’.

Do not indulge yourself in such actions that are giving you joy, comfort, pleasure and profit at present. As actually they will make the foundation of your ‘Misfortune’ or ‘Destiny’ that will pay back to you in terms of poverty, disease, debts, adverse conditions, calamities, obstacles, etc and will be harmful and a matter of loss in future time. So, stay away from such evil actions or business activities.

In the Ancient Indian business culture, there had been a tradition to mark ‘Swastika’ sign on the account books like a ledger, journal, balance sheets etc and nearby their seat or on the money box, locker (Tijouri). The ‘Swastik’ sign is considered as a beneficial, auspicious holy mark. At the occasion of Deepawali, last fiscal year account books are been closed and new fiscal or financial year start and new books of accounts are opened. So, this is the account opening day and so the first mark on the book is drawn as ‘Swastik Holy Sign’. Businessperson used to lit incense sticks or ‘Dhoop’ at their office or workplace, entry gate. Even though, many of them perform such rituals from generations, however, they didn’t know the actual meaning and message of these rituals and ‘Swastik’.

Actually, the two lines passing through the center as the diameters of a circle and the other four sides starting from the upper right side of the sign are symbols to represent the direction and position/situation. Both the diameters/centered sides divide the “Time Cycle” or “Kaal-Chakra” or “Universe Cycle” or “Shristi Chakra” into four equal parts. Each of which is known as Satyug, Tretayug, Dwapuryug, and Kaliyug. One of the four sides which starts from the upper right represents the Satyug, which indicates that all is good, well, auspicious, beneficial, profit-gain only. This right side is considered to be auspicious and pure just like a right hand in Indian Culture.

Afterward, downside bowing or downside inclination/slope symbolizes the decrement or the decrease in the quality or degree of purity. It is an indication of Tretayug. The third side at the opposite direction or at the left position represents the evil side and is an indication of Dwapuryug. In Dwapuryug, people start misbehaving, evil qualities like greed, anger, violence, unfair ambitions, jealousy, etc start to propagate in human behavior.

In the era of Satyug and Tretayug, all the business and exchange between people was full of love and purity. All feel pleasure and joy in giving to others. There was no activity of selfishness, narrow-mindedness, profit-making by unfair means or hurting others, etc. But in the era of Tretayug, people started to be greedy, jealous, selfish, discriminative, biased and unfair but upto a lower degree/extent only. Gradually, these bad, evil instincts became stronger and we reach the time of the present era, Kaliyug. This Kaliyug is symbolized as the left side in the figure of Swastik.

In the last phase of Kaliyug, there is greed, selfishness, exploitation, humiliation, adulteration, show-off, glossy, cheat, ditch, sorrow, grief, regret, and pain which is increasing beyond the limits among people behavior. Generally, people make money and earn wealth by unfair means like fraud, cheat, bribe-culture, adulteration or even providing cheap quality of services, and get profits by hurting, cheating and exploiting customers. These unfair means are considered obvious and common to all. They don’t take it as an evil or bad thing. They think that there’s no profit without these unfair ways or shortcuts. We are living in such an environment of Kaliyug. We are surrounded by pollution, terror, violence, fraud, cheat, robbing, exploiting, corrupt elements in our society.

But we should keep in mind that Satyug is followed by Kaliyug in the “Kaal Chakra” as the time passes away. In Satyug, every person and each citizen posses an unlimited and huge amount of wealth and properties. There is no sign of poverty, stealing, robbing, loss, lack of resources, diseases or pain at all. Just like day comes after a dark night. Now, it is time to begin Satyug. We are living in the transitions period. The transition from Kaliyug to Satyug is about to come in the next few years or decades. It is the time of arising and awakening. It is time to come out from the dark into the light of wisdom, purity, and peace.

Swastik is the symbol or indicator of this transformation or revolution. We have been drawing Swastik sign for years. Now, it is time to understand and transform our behavior and open a new fiscal year account book according to “Kaal Chakra/Swastik Sign”. Always remember, Kaliyug is about to end and Satyug is about to begin.

The “Kaal Chakra” or “Time Cycle” of 24 hours which is termed as a day, we should schedule our time lest the whole of our life span spend in money-making and collecting bank balance and gold, gems and we pass away from this planet after death leaving behind all the treasure and wealth earned or collected life-long.

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Currency Notes, Bank-balance, Land, Building are such a kind of wealth that can buy resources, amenities, comfort, and luxury of the physical body only. But, it cannot buy true peace, joy, purityof mind and soul. A spirit/soul/person becomes free from the debt of ‘Karma’ by performing effort of yoga and meditation only. Hence, yoga and meditation give you true and permanent wealth.

Hence, on the occasion of this Deepawali, recognize your true aim of life and transform your behavior and wealth into good and auspicious.

Earn Money to live, But Don’t live just to earn money.

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